Sussex Health Care’s Diverse Specialties

Sussex Health Care is a highly regarded care home business that’s based in Sussex, England in the United Kingdom. It’s an independent company that primarily manages the care requirements of elderly individuals. The company also, however, devotes a significant amount of time to the care needs of people who have learning disabilities. Sussex Health Care is a popular company choice among individuals who are interested in support services of all types. It’s been a big part of the local healthcare world for more than a quarter of a century at this point.

Sussex Health Care has HQS (Health Quality Service) accreditation on its side. The company earned this accreditation back in 2002. The team members at Sussex Health Care genuinely care about comfort. That’s why they encourage cozy and pleasant living environments for all. They believe that wellness is a multifaceted thing. Wellness involves lack of health problems. It also, however, calls for all sorts of other considerations. These include recreation, social interaction relaxation in general.

The management professionals who work for Sussex Health Care are extremely seasoned and knowledgeable individuals. These professionals have strong grasps of all matters that relate to the care of elderly individuals. They understand many things that involve neurological and dementia care practices, too.

Sussex Health Care proudly operates many care residences that house elderly individuals. These facilities give older individuals access to lodging, social interaction and well-rounded and balanced meals. These residences promote ambiances that are friendly, attentive and compassionate as well. People who live in these homes can relish lifestyles that are carefree, soothing and full of mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is vital for people who want to stay alert and sharp for life. Sussex Health Care’s residences provide residents with the convenience of round-the-clock support. People who live in these homes can easily and quickly get assistance regardless of the time of day. They can also get access to reflexology, occupational therapy and, last but certainly not least, physiotherapy. Care facilities that are part of the Sussex Health Care system are Upper Mead, Clemsfold House, Rapkyns Care Home, Horncastle House, Forest Lodge, Longfield Manor and Kingsmead Care Centre.

Food is a big focal point for the team at Sussex Health Care. That’s why these team members consistently recruit the assistance of professional chefs who have ample training. These chefs rely on fresh components in order to create appealing meals that offer plenty of nutritional value.

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