Julie Zuckerberg Blazing a Path in Talent Acquisition

As an executive talent recruiter in the financial arena, Julie Zuckerberg has had a glorious career. Her accomplishments in both the private and public sector are admirable. Her spirit of leadership and wisdom in talent acquisition promises that she is blazing a path in talent acquisition. This is how she did it.


Julie began in Philosophy at the City University at New York’s Brooklyn College. There she graduated with honors and continued to study law at New York Law School and began her illustrious career not long after. Her passion and love for the financial sector began to grow, as did her love for management, specifically within the business.


Her skill set was specifically in recruitment within the financial sector where she has successfully recruited in 2015 as a talent at Deutsche Bank as the Vice President Lead for that department. Just prior in 2013, Julie acted as an executive recruiter for New York Life Insurance Company, where she assisted in making the company what it is today.


Additionally, she has worked in elite sourcing, employee training, succession planning, conflict resolution, interviewing and applicant tracking and recruitment. She is well versed in technology and as Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson, she assisted in finding attorneys, case managers, paralegals and more professional legal staff to several large organizations at the same time.


After Hudson, Julie joined Citi Global Functions, where she acted as the Executive Recruiter and Vice President for the senior-level staff. There, she acted to help with auditing and helping to train the staff to reach their set goals with-in legal compliance within the consumer market.


Additionally, she has led teams of many small organizations to better help them place and solve problems within various financial institutions, both for profit and not for profit. Her ability to share her talents in that capacity is what makes Julie stand out from the rest in her cohorts in the industry. She is a star amongst the others.


In her very private life, she is not known for making big appearances in social media. That is a purposeful thing, as well it should be. In her role, she must lead the way in talent acquisition within the financial sector. Presence in social media is carefully scrutinized and must be carefully guarded in a field for any professional.


Her love of animals, photography, running, technology and the arts offer her an escape form the busy schedule she leads in her industry. She works to help in those loves in her area where she works and lives as well. Fighting for animal rights, being just one of her many loves. This speaks well of her as a person that is great at what she does and caring as a human being.


Through both collaboration and education of the leaders from Global Technology & Operations, Julie uses best practices within the talent recruitment industries to help lead recruitment crusades within Deutsche Bank as Julie blazes the path to success. Her efforts are truly an inspiration for many.