Andrew Rockledge’s Innovativeness

Andrew Rockledge is a successful executive renowned for his business acumen throughout Boston. He has been keenly interested in the business industry with notable success in achieving his goals. Mr. Rockledge is a graduate of both the prestigious Suffolk University Law School and Isenberg School of Management.

Currently, Mr. Rockledge owns and operates an innovative and modern indoor trampoline company in Boston known as the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts and provides its clients with fun activities such as dodge ball competitions, free style jump, among others.

While running his company, he has shown a comprehensive understanding of his city’s business scene as well as the significance of stellar customer service in building brands and enterprises. Rockledge displays his knowledge of the business community by selecting and hiring highly qualified leaders to interact with his customers at his Sky Zone Trampoline Company (SZTC).

This cooperation in return has enabled his company to achieve impressive milestones since customers highly appreciate the excellent services offered to them by Sky Zone’s staff. Indeed, he is increasingly focusing his efforts in inculcating a culture of hard work among his recruits and his social group to increase his company’s productivity. On the other hand, his firm is progressively improving as he is working hard to meet his goals. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage:

Additionally, Rockledge achieved indispensable knowledge and experience in his previous position at EPIRUS Biopharmaceutical. Due to his broad experience in the technology sector, he has distinguished himself as an innovator and astute business executive. He has capably integrated his vast knowledge in the legal field into his business plans.

This in turn, has managed to earn his company a substantial portion of the local market share. Mr. Rockledge’s strong management attributes together with experience in legal matters have extensively contributed to his successful business journey. Unlike other people of his age in the firm, Mr. Rockledge is focused on seeing his business thrive to greater heights.

Rockledge’s career path, since his graduation, has been on a rapidly rising curve, and in many cases, he has higher chances of achieving further success. This is due to the promising unique roots that his Sky Zone company has taken.

During his career development, Rockledge resided primarily in his hometown of Boston. However, this does not mean that he is inactive or docile. One of his hobbies is to travel as he loves to socialize with new people, cultures, and places.

Mr. Rockledge believes that the sky is the limit, and is currently planning on expanding his business to other cities as well. SZTC was ranked by Forbes as the 273rd company in its 2015 top “5000” companies list. The award was as a token of appreciation for its excellent services.