Intensive Community Input on Squaw Valley Expansion

In an op-ed piece published in the Auburn Journal, the Squaw Valley project expansion was discussed. Squaw Valley, in North Lake Tahoe, is looking for ways to increase traffic during the slow spring months.

In an already competitive mountain resort area, Squaw Valley is looking for ways to increase their traffic and stay competitive with the neighboring resorts. Some of these resorts are even offering year-round activities and amenities.

They have developed a plan with community input to ensure that the environment is unharmed and mountain culture is maintained. The goal is to make it more inviting to customers year round and to increase jobs in the area. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The community input involved more than 500 community meetings and compromise between both parties to ensure the project was profitable. The community understood how the expansion project would help, but they didn’t want it to help at the expense of the environment.

The expansion project has a number of benefits for the community. It will create over 1,400 jobs and generate 25 million in tax revenue. This revenue will go back into the community to help with operating funds. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

To remain competitive, they will offer year round educational experiences and a world class training facilities for athletes. This expansion will not hurt the environment, because it is set to be completed over 82 acres of already paved area. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andy Wirth — KCRW

The community and company have come together in this truly collaborative process. This expansion project is sure to met its goals of increasing economic growth in the community.

Andrew Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley, has worked in the hospitality and mountain resort industry for 25 years. He comes from a legacy of people concerned with nature since he is the grandson of the former US National Park Service Director Conrad Wirth. His experience and family legacy has made him successful in his ventures at Squaw Valley.