Brooklyn’s Future Hinges On High School Grads Who Finish College

The future prosperity for Brooklyn, New York, may well hinge on whether more college graduates are available to keep building into tomorrow. According to Keith Mann, prosperity for all is available with enough well-applied knowledge. He is a big supporter of education, and has even gone the extra mile and established the Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. In a sense, Keith Mann is putting his money where his mouth is.

This is a cash award for up to $5,000 for one lucky student each year, to help them successfully complete college. To be eligible, the student must be a Senior student at the Uncommon Charter High School, in Brooklyn. Mann’s award is specifically directed to soon-to-be graduates of that school. The student must show that they have achieved enough in grades and in other areas to earn this scholarship. Letters of recommendation will also be accepted on behalf of all applicants.

Keith Mann is a top executive at the company: Dynamics Executive Search. He means for the most-deserving, yet low-income, student to receive the award each year. The application must be submitted by the end of February each year. Part of the application process requires the student to write out a 1,000 words long essay. This is how they will give details of their intentions to use the scholarship money to further their college educations.

Mann started the executive search firm of Dynamics Executive Search over 15 years ago. His is the one to consult with first whenever you need a top level executive position in your company filled, tout suite! With headquarters in the U.S. and regional offices in Europe and parts of Asia, Mann continues to hone his tool chest of tips and tricks to get his candidates updated in their skills, positive in their confidence, and able to tackle the really big roles he finds for them.