California Heeds The Advice Of Successful Marketing Investor Nick Vertucci

There is currently a housing crisis in California that is causing many people with six figure incomes to have to take a long commute to work and there is a small community of residents who are living in Silicone Valley in their vans and RV’s. Nick Vertucci is a successful marketing analyst and real estate investor who has advised California to correct their housing situation immediately or things are projected to get worse. He says, there is a need for increased affordable housing options for thousands of residents and the 331,000 housing units that are set to be built are just not enough.


There is new legislation provisions set in place that would require more housing development projects in the area. Unfortunately, tells his readers there is always a set back when construction options are under way. They are being halted at the local level over zoning and other obstacles which are affecting the people of California. The housing crisis is also because of a booming economy says, Nick Vertucci. They are experiencing a higher tax revenue, highest per capita income in the country, and low unemployment rates, but their lack of affordable housing is crippling the state.


The entire state is feeling the pinch with housing rates soaring to heights of a median of $500,000 double the nation level which leaves many residents without housing options. This will leave many taxpayers and future millennials without the option of owning a home. Nick Vertucci wants to be a part of the housing solution in California. He has spun his once failing corporation to a multi-million dollar corporation and would like to do the same for the housing crisis in California. He says, there is an immediate need for a housing solution to avoid a serious homeless population in some of the business and commercial areas of California.


Nick Vertucci has said the housing crisis has reached a 75% increase over the last five years. His proposal will include the commercial and residential district along with establishing actual construction contracts to take place as early as 2018. He would like to increase property development throughout the state of California and create affordable housing solutions. He says, it can be done from scratch, if all parties involved take a straightforward approach to the housing crisis. Nick Vertucci has the expertise to turn California property into big revenue while accommodating the desperate need for housing.