Rick Smith’s Achievement at Securus Technologies

Different schools of thought argue that good leaders are born while others argue that good leaders are made. I support the argument that good leaders are made. You have to learn good leadership skills and how to implement them, if you are to be regarded as a good leader. A good example of a self-made leader is Rick Smith. Rick Smith is the CEO and chairman of Securus. He joined the company in the year 2008, instantly becoming the CEO and a member of the board of directors. The following year he was promoted to be chairperson of the board.

Since Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies, the company has significantly grown. It is now considered among the top technology providers to the correctional industry. In the past few years, Rick Smith has overseen the construction of a stately customer service center. The call center employs hundreds of employees ensuring that clients don’t have to wait too long on call.

Rick Smith also has seen Securus get BBB Accreditation. He drove the company into being given an A+ grade. This means that under his leadership, the company has grown to be one of the most trusted. Also, Rick Smith has gotten the company diligently and professionally handling customer complaints. This is all due to the innovative policies and strategies that have been implemented by this industry leader. Read more articles at Fox34.com

Securus is today at a place where they are able to produce a new technology solution product, after a fortnight. Rick Smith sees to it that the technology products improve security in some sort of way. From the company reviews, you can see that the company has indeed played a great role in finding evidence for crimes. As such, they are recognized for solving and deterring crimes.

Prior to joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. He had been with the company for a period of nine years. He was employed by the company in the year 1998. He was the Chief Financial Officer of the company from that year on to the year 2000.His hard worked saw him get a promotion, becoming the President of the company from the year 2000 to the year 2003. In just 5 years into his tenure, he was again promoted to the CEO of the company.

Before joining Eschelon Telecom, Rick Smith worked at Gobal Crossing. Global Crossing was in the past known as Frontier Group. He was with the company for a period of 26years. He served in a number of positions including CIO, Director of Business Development, VP of Midwest Telephone Operations and President of IT. In his last year at the company, he was promoted to be the executive VP of Financial Management. Check this article at Bloomberg.com to know more about Rick Smith.

Securus Technologies Makes Our Family Ministry Better

Our family ministry is something that reaches out to the community. I know that is sounds like I am able to reach to everyone and work miracles, but the problem is in our community alone. We have a lot of boys and girls who are going to jail, and we want to make sure that we have spoken to them often to help them get through jail.  They need to know that we do not condone what they did, but we want them to learn how to live a new life.


Our family has dozens of people who are working together in an office where we are all on Securus. I was very concerned about privacy because we are asking a lot of these boys and girls to be vulnerable with us, and we wanted to be sure that we could get something that was secure. The security that we get from Securus is very strong, and I understand that they have put together a lot of different things in their network to make life easier. Some of these people have been disowned by family, and they want to keep all these things between us.


I am trying to expand by getting more people than just the family to work with us, and we might be able to do even more video calls with the people who are in jail near us. These are all kids who are part of the community, and we want to see if we can give them a reason to turn things around.


Securus Technologies Inc. Contributes Nearly $300,000 to Louisiana Inmates

Securus Technologies Inc., provider of technology solutions for correctional, investigation, and public safety facilities contributed approximately $300,000 to Louisiana inmates. The company made the official announcement on September 1st of its union with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections to provide a 7-day free call service. Inmates are allowed one phone call per day to connect with family members or friends, which started on the first of the month and ending September 7th. Rick Smith CEO of Securus said the company also donated $50,000 to an inmate welfare fund at the Louisiana Department of Corrections.



In 1986, Securus was founded as Telematic Corporation and changed its name to T-Netix, Inc. A merger transaction between T-Netix and Evercom Systems evolved into Securus Technologies Inc., in 2004. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in Carrollton, TX and Atlanta, GA. Last year, the company completed an acquisition transaction with JPay, Inc., which was released in a PR Newswire press release. Securus acquired a leading payments company and provider of kiosks, email, tablets, payments, and cloud products.



2015 acquisition has positioned Securus to further expand their products into the national correctional and law enforcement industry. JPay produced the latest technologies and applications for entertainment & educational applications and electronic payments systems to correctional facilities. Before the acquisition closing, the company was operating in over 30 state prisons.



Securus is now competitive in national markets looking for upgrade technologies to modernize prisons and jails in the United States. The new products give inmates access to books, education, games, and education. Securus Technologies continues to enhance communications technologies and software apps to benefit inmates, families, friends, guards, and officers.