George Soros, Helping Break the Cycle of Impunity

George Soros recently made headlines after coming back to the political limelight. Being a Jew of Hungarian origin, Soros has been witness to great distress, especially as a child. It was while he was a young boy that he was exposed to political unrest and persecutions while in Hungary which forced him to move to London in search of better opportunities. With Soros being a very hard working individual, he was able to amass a fortune, wealth that keeps on growing to date. Although George’s childhood memories are rather unpleasant, they have taught him to shun oppressive regimes. To this end, George Soros has been categorically passionate about supporting organizations that advocate for civil and human rights among other freedoms.

Besides, George Soros who has been in America almost all his lifetime has decided to use his wealth and influence to dictate the political limelight of the United States of America including other countries across the globe. Since 2004, Soros has been attending to personal business with him being an entrepreneur. However, he came out bold and vigorous in 2016 to offer support to Hillary Clinton in her bid for being the next president of the free world. Since Hillary Clinton has been George’s friend to close to three decades, he was incredibly passionate to see to it that Mrs. Clinton’s bid for the presidency becomes successful. Apart from making financial donations, George rounded up his close peers and friends to also commit to Hillary Clinton’s cause. Through philanthropy, Mr. Soros donated more than $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and a section of Democratic candidates.

During the campaigning season, George Soros accompanied Hillary to most of her campaign rallies but felt incredibly awful for failing to attend his first Democratic Convention since Soros had to center on some urgent and pressing business. As a billionaire, George Soros did not mince his words or money. According to his political adviser, George’s stakes in 2016 to see Hillary Clinton win the national elections were exceptionally high, and that is why he never at one point in time withheld his finances. George Soros was able to convince people like Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner to contribute something “small” to the Democratic Party coffers. It is because of individuals like Soros that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team did not face any financial constraints at the time. Visit this site to know more at

Now that the electioneering period in America is long gone, Mr. Soros is busy attending to personal business. George is renowned for being the founder of the Quantum Fund. Through his money and influence, George Soros has made it possible for once crumbling civilizations to thrive. It is without saying that George Soros is the man to be since no one has been able to beat him at his game. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Expansion Eyed For Bruce Levenson’s “Do Good Institute”

The “Do Good Institute” has become a major success for the University of Maryland and the man who has done more than most to put the school of the map, Bruce Levenson. A major name in philanthropic circles, Bruce Levenson believes the “Do Good Institute” is showing just how involved students and members of the campus community wish to be in philanthropic efforts and hopes to take the model for the institute to other college campuses in a bid to develop the next generation of members of the not for profit community.

Bruce Levenson ( is not only looking to take the model for learning about philanthropy and not for profit leadership across the U.S., but he hopes to make sure on campus learning once again aids the development of a successful community at the University of Maryland. Levenson is a well-known technology developer and feels the growth of Online learning has proven a success yet feels the leadership required to become an important member of the not for profit community must be experienced on campus for the greatest level of impact for the future.

Business leadership should play an important part in the education and career of any individual looking to make a difference in the not for profit community, which is an aspect of the life of Bruce Levenson that has marked him out as a success. According to ESPN, as the leader of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment consortium Bruce Levenson led the NBA franchise from the bottom of the standings to the number one seed over the course of his decade in charge. Success has also been found in his career as the founder of UCG alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz that has seen the real time industrial information provider develop from a single newsletter for the oil industry in 1977 into a global communications leader in the 21st century.