Capitol Anesthesiology Association – Nation’s Leading Anesthesiology Practice

Many philanthropic organizations rely on the medical professionals employed in a trusted anesthesiology practice. Capitol Anesthesiology Association has many dedicated physicians and nurses who have committed much of their time to many different types of philanthropic organizations. Their community involvement is tremendous to many of the foundations such as Austin Smiles, Operation Smile, Family Eldercare and Partnerships for Children. They are also involved in other philanthropic ventures that are dedicated to helping the community in need. They believe in donating their time and energy into the foundation to help the children and elderly who are in desperate need of medical care.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is one of the nation’s leading anesthesiology practices founded in 1973. It’s located in Austin, Texas, where they perform several different types of anesthesiology procedures. They currently employ more than 200 doctor’s and nurses who are certified in anesthesiology services and have obtained advanced certifications throughout their years of a medical professional. The physicians are board certified or seeking their board certification. Each member of the team works to enhance patient care and patient satisfaction. They offer several different types of services that are specifically catered to each situation. They also offer billing specialists who can assist with the complex insurance process. They are dedicated to helping provide information prior to surgery as well as after the procedure. They are trained to work with each patient to enhance their experience and help them focus on healing while the billing staff work through the collections process.