Orange Coast College Takes Part in the 2017 Rowing Regatta

Orange Coast College has been taking part in the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta with a strong passion for the sport. The college team prepared and participated in the regatta of 2017 which took place 27 and 28 of May in Gainesville, Georgia.

The American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta has been taking place for twelve years. The regatta of 2017 had four universities that have been winning multiple times participating once again. There were also a few novice teams much like the team of Orange Coast College.

The captain of the OCC team is the 22 year old Daniel Amado. He used to do rowing in the highs school that he previously attended, Los Alamitos High School. However, Amado had broken a disk in his back and had not been able to do more rowing until this year.

Amado decided to come back with all of the passion and love he has for the sport of rowing. He regards it as an art form and sees aesthetic beauty in the synchrony of the rowers who move in unison almost as if their hearts and the rows have become one. Orange College captain Daniel Amado hopes to become a member of the rowing team of University of Washington which is a veteran at the sport of rowing. Read more: Orange Coast College | Twitter

Steve Morris is the assistant coach of the OCC team. He is also the coxswain of the team. The coxswain sits at the front of the brawn facing the oars. His responsibility is to shout out directions loud enough for the entire team to hear which will enhance the performance of the team. Steve Morris has been a coach on and off since the 90s.

He put a pause on his passion in order to spend more time with his family and take care of them. Morrison has not been a coxswain since but his return at the front of the OCC team brawn has surely been an amazing experience for him. In fact, Steve Morrison used to be a coxswain during his student years when he, too, attended the Orange Coast College.

This year there were about forty other teams that the OCC team had to go up against. The goal was to cover 2 000 meters in around six minutes. The members of the team of Orange Coast College have been training very hard putting up to 20 hours a week. There is a good chance that they will be coming up on top of the regatta.