Thor Halvorssen Fighting for the People

There are some things in this world that can not go unchecked. Things like governments infringing on their citizens’ rights is one of those things. Government oppression like this has forced many to take to the streets and protest against the wrong things that are being done to them. Unfortunately, in some countries this has become a dangerous thing due to their government’s vicious retaliations or the people that they deal with. These kinds of things would then go unchecked due to the danger of fighting them if it were not for people like Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is someone that has committed his life to fighting the wrong that is happening all over the world.

Even his parents were activists that stood up to the wrong that was happening in the world. Both of them were even injured in the line of their duty, his mom being shot at an anti-Hugo Chávez demonstration and his father tortured by the Venezuelan government after exposing their corruption. This spirit that his parents had to stay determined to fight for what is right even against the possibility of injury or death is probably where Thor Halvorssen got his calling for dangerous activist work. Today he is the President of the Human Rights Foundation and has done great work for the organization. He is someone that likes to take his work into the field.

A great example of this is his trip to Vietnam where he was fighting the oprression that their government had been inflicting on its citizens about their religious choices. The patriarch of a Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam had been put under house arrest for 28 years and his church disbanded for what he was teaching. Thor Halvorssen wanted to get an interview with the patriarch and was able to sneak into where he was being held. After completing the interview they were discovered by police and cornered. Thor gave the tape to his cameraman who snuck out the back, while he distracted the police. Thor was then detained and beaten until he was able to convince police he was a Buddhist seeker. Commitment like this is what has made Thor Halvorssen such a great activist and how he has been able to make the world a better place through his actions.

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