Chris Burch: A Visionary Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is a competent investor on a collection of businesses connecting a wide range of industries. Chris Burch is also the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand and Tory Burch. Mr. Chris has always been dedicated the power of branding. He currently implements his cautious sense of marketing and sales to business interest ranging from apparel, hospitality, financial services, consumer products as well as technology. Chris Burch is the CEO as well as the Founder of the Burch Creative Capital.

About Chris Burch and his volunteer works

Chris Burch principal mission is to make way for the rest follow to success. Despite that, he has accomplished tremendously in his life. Chris has a kind, open heart. He relishes giving back to the society. By reclamation of Nihi Sumba, the resort consistently help in supporting the Sumba Foundation. This foundation provides humanitarian help to the Sumba residents.  Related article on

Chris Burch dedicates much of his time working as a volunteer and working with charities globally. He has cooperated with The Child Welfare League of China. He has also played a role in the funding of medical activities at NYU Langone based in New York alongside many other.

An entrepreneur does not quit indulging into a new startup project. Entrepreneurs keep growing their vision and mission consistently. Chris Burch still strives to build his success despite his tremendous achievements in life.

In his early 40s of his profession as both an investor as well as an entrepreneur, Chris Burch has been able to contribute to the rise of at least 50 companies. By connecting an intuitive understanding with the experience of direct sourcing, Chris Burch has developed a long record track of linking innovation to impact.

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The Burch Creative Capital portfolio brand is incorporated of the recent establishment of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Coccn9, Nihiwatu as well as TRADEMARK to a rundown of launched brands before this embraced by Chris Burch inclusive of Faena Hotel and universe, Jawbone and Voss Water.  For timeline activity updates, hit

Diverse Investment Portfolio

Currently, the firm is in support of the development of various lifestyle in conjunction with consumer brands ranging from apparel, retail as well as home furnishings to the organic foods, hospitality as well as technology industries such as Clink Health, BaubleBar, Chubbies, Soludos, Duck Organics and Bra’s Raw Foods.  Additional reading on

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