Chris Burch’s Five Star Resort Becomes the World’s Best

Chris Burch is a well-known figure in the business industry. Burch has made a lot of wealth as an entrepreneur, and he has accomplished so much. The serial entrepreneur has also transformed the lives of many upcoming people in business who want to do well, especially in the fashion and technology departments. Burch has worked as an entrepreneur for more than four decades, and this means that he has a lot of expertise. In his career, Burch has started several ventures, and most of them have turned out to be very successful.  Learn more about his diverse investment portfolio, check

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Just recently, the businessman decided that it was time to venture into the hotel department. In the year 2012, the successful businessman announced to the world that he would try his luck in the hospitality world. Although this was the first time he was trying, the project has impressed very many people because of its success. Burch purchases a resort that is found in Indonesia. Previously, the facility was known as Nihiwatu, and it is located at the prestigious Sumba Island.

Chris Burch partnered with a close friend to make the special acquisition. First of all, the partners decided that they were going to restore the facility to make it the best. The restoration process took three years, and the island was back to its former glory.The hotel was opened to clients in the year 2015, and it has already won the heart of many people who are looking for an unforgettable experience. The resort also acquired a new name.  Additional article on

According to a recent report from the businessman, the Nihiwatu resort has a total of twenty-seven villas that are considered to be very spacious, luxurious and private. Consumers visiting the facility have the opportunity of spending time at the beach and enjoying other sceneries. There are special activities such as horseback riding and fishing. The guests in the resort can get surfing lessons from professionals found in the area.  Read more about the famous resort in this article on

The Nihiwatu resort was recently named to be the best in the world. According to a recent report, the resort has some of the best facilities for consumers who come from all walks of life. The businessman used more than thirty million dollars to renovate the facility, and this is one of the reasons the hotel has become so successful. Burch has his own villa in the resort. Whenever he has time, he goes to spend there with his family at the resort.  Hit on to keep up-to-date with his recent timeline activities.

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Chris Burch Gives Consumers What They Want While Giving The Less Fortunate What They Need

Chris Burch’s first entrepreneurial endeavor began when he and his brother invested two thousand dollars to found Eagle Eye Apparel. Burch and his brother were undergraduates at Ithaca College when they began selling sweaters door to door. Ultimately Eagle Eye Apparel would be valued at 165 million dollars.  For more reading, hit

His experience running Eagle Eye Apparel laid the groundwork for a long and successful business career. Through that enterprise, Chris Burch learned how to formulate a strategy for marketing products directly to the consumer. It also taught him how to find suppliers that utilized the most efficient production methods.

Forty years later Burch’s talents for investment and sourcing coupled with his understanding of how consumers behave has enabled him to have a hand in the success of over 50 businesses. Chris Burch can best be described as an entrepreneurial Renaissance man.   Check his impressive investment portfolio, hop over to

His business skill set encompasses an understanding of the finance, hospitality, clothing and technology industries (an incomplete list of his entrepreneurial talents). If you were to narrow Chris Burch’s success down to one factor it would be an inherent understanding of what the buying public wants and how to deliver it.   Read his shared insights in this article on

Burch’s current enterprises include teaming with Ellen DeGeneres to launch her clothing line ED. Not to mention his involvement with Poppin, Coccoon9 a builder of high-quality miniature homes and the creation of his own luxury clothing company Tory Burch.

Besides understanding the importance of giving consumers what they want Burch also appreciates the importance of giving them what they least expect. A 27 luxury villa resort called Nihi Sumba Island. Located on an isolated Indonesian Island the Teak Wood and stone villas are designed so as to appear to be part of the landscape. For more about the Indonesian resort, click,

So far this article has focused on Chris Burch entrepreneur. To create an accurate portrait of Chris Burch a few words must be spent focusing on is humanity. Entire communities and people here and abroad have reaped the benefits of Burch’s business acumen.

A share of the profits from the Nihi Sumba Island resort is given back to the Sumbanese people of Indonesia via the charity Sumba. Sumba works to improve the health of the Sumbanese through improved nutrition. Sumba also provides potable water and offers educational opportunities.

Chris Burch also donates to Mt. Sinai and Langone Hospitals in NYC as well as The Child Welfare League of China and The China Association of Social Work.  For his timeline activity update, check this.

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How Chris Burch has Managed to Transform Nihiwatu into the Best Hotel in the World

Anyone that has heard of the name Chris Burch before understands the many businesses and industries that he has been part of. These include internationally recognized brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Well, the business mogul and genius has decided to venture into a new territory, the hospitality industry. He teamed up with the guru of hospitality himself, James McBride and bought a hotel on the Indonesian island of Sumba. The Hotel cost them a whopping $30million and spent about three years planning and rebranding it. In 2015, they reopened it as a 5-star hotel.

Barely a year after the hotel was reopened; it was voted the best hotel in the world by Hotel+ Leisure. When interviewed about the hotel by the Business Jet Traveler, Burch stated that the hotel was an investment he had made fro his children. Also, he hoped this was the right step towards making sure that they preserved the Island for the good of the future generations and that it would be a way of giving back to the Indonesian Community.  For the full interview, click on

One of the things that inspired him to make the wonderful transformation at Nihiwatu was the beauty of the palette. He adds that when you have a backdrop which is as beautiful as the Island, it becomes quite easy to add services such as creating several waterfalls, having a butler in every room and several others which make all the difference. He is glad about the fact that the hotel has turned into much more than he expected, given that most of the times, places turn into way less than what one would expect.

The business mogul spends his time between the Hamptons in Miami, where he owns other related businesses and the Indonesian Island Resort. The Hotel is said to have 27 private villas and one of them is Chris Burch’s private home. The beautiful resort has been nicknamed the edge of the world because of its stunning beauty. Check for related article.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of the Burch Creative Capital. He has been investing for the past four decades and has had a positive contribution towards the rise of more than 50 companies which are a huge success today. For an update of Burch timeline activities, click  He has a deep understanding of consumer behavior, which he combines with experience in direct sourcing to create the most innovative investment brands. He is a true inspiration to many.  Interesting article here.

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Chris Burch; the entrepreneurial spirit behind the best hotel in the world Nihiwatu

If you have come across famous retail brands such as Tory Burch, then you probably have heard about Chris Burch. Chris undoubtedly has an eye for entrepreneurship; he has founded and cofounded many recognized products. On top of that, he has gone ahead to expand his horizon by becoming a hotel owner. In 2012, Burch and his friend James McBride bought a beach hostel, and then pumped about $ 30 million in renovations to turn into something marvelous. In 2015, the hostel was reopened as Nihiwatu, a five-star hotel in Sumba a remote island in Indonesia. In 2016, it was voted by the Travel and Leisure as the best hotel in the world.   More to read on

The name Nihiwatu means mortar stone, and it has a nickname means the edge of the wildernesses of its location. The hotel is doing a bit of social justice in the area by giving a lot of locals there employment opportunities. Also, some of the profits accrued by the hotel are given to the Sumba Foundation which helps in funding local communal projects. Nihiwatu also boasts of having 27 villas and beautiful environs. Nihiwatu boasts of the best hospitality that there is in Indonesia.

Mr. Burch is a 64 years old Miami-born entrepreneur who founded and is also the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, click on to read more about the company.   He has invested widely in a variety of businesses such as Tory Burch to which he is the co-founder. He is also an investor and an advisor at Grability and Chubbies Shorts. He also cofounded Poppin a company dedicated to offering trendy and magnificent office products. He has sunk his investments into many companies; most of them start-ups while others established. Such companies are Rappi, Hooch, Nanoleaf, and Bmoda among many others. In July 2014, he joined forces with the famous TV talk show Ellen DeGeneres in launching her lifestyle brand called ED.  Update with Burch timeline activities, check on this.

Chris is a staunch believer in the power of branding, which makes him good to apply his knowledge in lines of fashion, marketing, and hospitality just to mention a few. He went to Ithaca College where he learnt business. He has also been on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. In addition to that, Burch is also the former President of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. Keeping in mind, Burch is also very philanthropic with foundations such as the Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement just to mention a few.  Learn more from Burch insight and views on things on his area of focus, hit

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Chris Burch Delves Into Hospitality through Investing in Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a renowned investor prominently known as a fashion mogul. He is famous for finding a connection between fashion and technology and utilizing the relationship to build businesses. After establishing several international retail brands, Chris Burch delved into the hospitality industry. Joined by James McBride, a guru in hospitality, Chris Burch invested in a hotel in Sumba Island. In 2012, the duo parted with $30 million in the renovation of the hotel that is now known as Nihiwatu. The five start luxurious parlor offers high-quality services bordering sumptuous meals and comfortable resting rooms.  More to read on


Nihiwatu has been an excellent service provider given that in 2016, it was voted the best luxurious hotel by Travel + Leisure. In 2015, Chris Burch was interviewed concerning Nihiwatu. When he was asked why he invested in Nihiwatu, he said that he acquired Nihiwatu because he wanted to give back to the society. It is also an investment package for his children, he added. Chris also stated in the interview that Nihiwatu offers a variety of leisure services and that is another reason for establishing it. It allows him to enjoy being in a different environment. According to him, Nihiwatu has offered more than he expected to have on the entire investment. The Wall Street Journal highlighted that Chris Burch spends most of his time in Nihiwatu where he has 27 villas coupled with a private plunge pool.


Nihiwatu is located on Sumba Island. The Indonesian hotel offers luxurious fun services coupled with sea food. The name Nihiwatu means mortar stone. The hotel is the best and largest employer in Sumba Island. Some of the profits generated by the business are channeled to charity. This is done through the Sumba Foundation. The organization funds societal projects that assist the less fortunate in Sumba community.


Christopher Burch was born in 1953. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has established several companies. For update on his timeline activities, hit on this.   He is the president as well as the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. This is a New York-based firm that manages capital and venture investments in addition to brand development.  Check this must-read interview of Burch on and know his insight on thing around his area of focus.

Chris is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. In 2012, Forbes Magazine named him a billionaire. Apart from his investments, Chris Burch is a business partner to many individuals including Ellen DeGeneres. Under his insightful leadership, Burch Creative Capital combines his talent in business and client’s demands to produce high-quality products as well as services. The mission of Chris’ activities is to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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Chris Burch-Making the Most Out of Life

Chris Burch, CEO of Burch Creative Capital, has been an investor and entrepreneur for almost forty years. Chris Burch has helped many brands to become successful such as Jawbone, Tory Burch, Faena Hotel+Universe, Poppin, and Voss Water.

Tory Burch renovated Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba in 2012 and it has since ranked, by Travel + Leisure magazine, as the #1 Hotel in the World.

He partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 in order to launch her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He also launched Cocoon( which I=are luxury homes with a contemporary design and energy efficient features. His portfolio also includes the But+Mah business, TRADEMARK, and Poppin. He is helping to develop other consumer and lifestyle brands like Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, BaubleBar, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, and Soludos.  Related reading on

Chris Burch was previously on the board of the Orthopedic Foundation for the Rothman Institute and was also previously president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board.

Burch has helped fund initiatives at the Mt. Sinai Hospital in new York as well as the Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, and The China Association of Social Work. He has also helped to fund The Henry Street Settlement and The Child E=Welfare League of China.

After having success with apparel as a young man, Chris Burch decided to help other entrepreneurs to succeed and that led to him owning his own company known as Burch Creative Capital. Burch believes that it is very important to have good people with a passion for business in order to turn potential into something successful. For a closer look at Burch Creative Capital, check

Burch has an ability to read people and that helps him to get to know then better and that has helped him to become a better entrepreneur. Burch doesn’t have any regrets and believes it is important to follow your dreams and to live the life you want. Burch also advises to listen and take risks.

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Chris Burch has had his fair share of failures, but he takes credit for his failures and is able to move forward and to learn from his mistakes. He wouldn’t be where he is today if he never took any risks or strayed from the beaten path in order to find his own success. Burch has been influenced by people like Steve Ross and Ellen DeGeneres and he admires their qualities and strong drive to succeed in this life.  Check this must-read interview of Burch article on

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