Never Giving Up Your Passion is Important

People often shy away from picking multiple career options in their lives since they are not sure if even one of them would bring success. Chris Burch, however, is an entrepreneur who knows that he can succeed. Therefore his business life has been colorful and exciting, starting work in a contraction business with his father. This first job also encouraged his entrepreneur skills to surface. He delved right in and tried different ways to bring in money while still pursuing his dreams and working on things he was passionate about.  Check on to read more about his business pursuit through the years.

Burch Creative Capital is one such thing. Chris Burch is the creator and CEO of the Burch Creative Capital that works with investment and brand development. His, talent and drive are noted by colleagues as well as employees. Chris Burch is also a pleasant person to be around too and people just enjoy his company as well as his advice.  Check his shared insights on this relevant article on

Chris Burch knows he wants to help others to succeed. He wants to show people how important it is to work hard but that it is also necessary to keep pursuing your dreams and passions. He has a mission he wants to follow, and that is – lead by example. Burch is open and honest about all aspects of his career – good and bad. He continues to learn from success and failure because both points are important. He works with real estate that includes hotels and resorts as well as the fashion industry. They are not always connected business avenues but merely the interests Chris has.  Take a short trip to one of his successful business venture, click on

Over the career spanning more than four decades Christ worked as hotelier and also turned to philanthropy so he could help those who are in need. This kind of success did not happen in a day or a week. It happened because Burch never gave up and continued to work as hard as he could to reach goal after goal.

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He has experienced everything from contracting to selling sweaters to his college classmates and then managing luxury resorts on tropical islands. It is a fascinating range of different businesses Chris Burch has been a part of, and there is no sign that he wants to give up now. He merely wants to continue working as long as he can to set a precedent for others. Young people and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking into starting their own business. He wants to help people do that and help them understand the world of business better.  For more of his creative ideas and output, hop over to

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