Graduate of W.P Carey School of Business, Jason Hope

One thing that no one can deny is that there is so much potential in technology. It is a field that will keep going up and up every other day. Technological innovation seems to be never drying up. Through technology, human life and everything in this world is changing. Technology has made it possible to do things that no human being would have accomplished manually. In short, technology is making the world better in many ways.

In this era of the internet, better things are expected to keep flowing. The internet has revolutionized many things and has been the basis on which, many other human innovations have succeeded. In the future, the internet is expected to play even a more important role. The future lies in the ability of devices to connect to the intent. This is the next phase of innovation that is already being called the internet of things. As the name suggests, things will be able to connect to the internet by themselves. Once they connect to the internet, they will be able to communicate with other devices that are also connected to the internet. This interconnection of devices will create a scenario where almost every device in the world will be connected to each other.

Futurist Jason Hope has described the internet of things as the technology of the future. However, the future is already with us. We will not wait anymore for it is possible for this technology has already started rolling out. In industrial setups, there is already much going on. Some industries are controlling industries purely through this technology. Although we are in the initial stages, more and more advancements will become clear to us. The internet of things is expected to take shape by 2020. There will be many devices developed that will support it, and this will make it spread very fast. Already there is a lot of research that is being carried out by companies on the same. They want to bring technologically advanced products that will support the internet of things.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an author. He has written an eBook that is available on Amazon. The eBook talks about the future of the internet of things. For beginners who have no ideas about this technology, this eBook is a must read. It offers a lot of insight on the future of technology.

Jason Hope is from Temple, Arizona. He has Masters in Business Administration from W.P. Carey School of Business.

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How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Changing the World

Smart technology has become such a buzzword that is almost meaningless for casual conversation. However, deep in the bowels of the tech world people are taking that concept to heart. Among them is Jason Hope. Hope is a futurist, an entrepreneur, and a devout believer in Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the next step that smart technology is naturally going to progress to. The IoT, as it is sometimes shortened to, insists that one day we are going to see unbridled digital connection between the internet and every object in our daily life. It sounds wild but Jason Hope believes future of technology.

Right now consumers look at smart technology like people once looked at the Nintendo Wii — a gimmick, a fad, a concept that will exist solely on the fringes of entertainment. Now motion based technology gaming is everything in much the same way that the Internet of Things is beginning to burgeon into one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Jason Hope believes that the IoT, driven by the wave of smart technology being developed, will soon become the single greatest enterprise that entrepreneurs and savvy investors will begin to get behind.

Hope knows that the Internet of Things has real backing to become a money making industry, but he also knows there are altruistic reasons to root for the IoT. The Internet of Things, at its very core, is about minimizing waste and expediting all processes. That is the sole point of convenience, to make things easier. The Internet of Things can be applied to more than just your smart watch or your smart fridge. It can be applied to public transit systems, garbage and waste disposal, first response vehicles, and even severe weather systems. We have a very real chance to sculpt the world into a better place by leaning on and helping to develop this industry.

Ultimately the Internet of Things isn’t going to succeed or fail based solely on Jason Hope’s words. The IoT has to be embraced at every level in order for it to be the revelation it could become. We hope that this happens and Jason Hope believes that it will.

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