Drew Madden the Arguably Unique Healthcare IT Expert

Drew Madden is known for his entrepreneurial spirit in Healthcare IT. His interests have solely been on electronic medical records as he navigates towards the optimization and implementation process. He has over ten years of experience with four EPIC certifications: Epic Willow Inpatient, Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation, Epic Inpatient Medication Orders and Epic Inpatient Procedure Orders.

He started off his degree at the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE, Industrial Engineering from 1998-2002. While there, he was a student adviser. He has worked in a number of organizations where he has demonstrated his unique IT skills.

Amazing Career Life

After graduation, He became an integration consultant at Cerner Corporation. Drew worked here for four years (2002-2006), where he was involved in the implementation of Clinical applications in Chicago. It is after Cerner that he joined Healthia Consulting where he became the senior epic consultant. He left Healthia in 2010. He also worked at Ingenix Consulting as their regional sales director where he oversaw the sales of Epic and Allscript practices in the Midwest.

Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew joined Nordic Consulting in 2010 where he became the executive vice president. He later became the president in the same firm. Nordic is based in Madison, Wisconsin and is the world’s largest Epic consulting firm. It was founded in 2010 and has worked with clients from roughly 40 states. In 2012, Nordic was ranked the top and only company by KLAS in Epic Implementation Support.

Drew served as the president up to 2016. Nordic is responsible for the provision of electronic medical record services for healthcare companies and organizations specifically. It mostly focuses on the installation of Epic software.

One of his biggest achievements is that through his leadership, the company grew from 10 to 725 employees. The client partnership also increased from 3 to 150. If the revenue is anything to go by, it increased tremendously from $1 million to $130 million.

Evergreen Healthcare

Madden recently launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners (July 2017) which is based in Madison. This company has four managing partners. It is a healthcare IT firm which offers consultancy services for HCIT applications.