Adam Milstein:Career, Family and Philanthropy

When many people are struggling to make it in the world of business and investing, there is always that dream of having enough, and then a little extra to give back to the community. Adam Milstein has been working at his many investments for several decades now, and in the process, he came up with his foundation, which provides services that strengthen the Jewish people, the state of Israel and also make business between the US and Israel better. Through this foundation, money has been raised and has been used to support the education of Jews and ensuring their continuity.

The three principles that govern Adam as he carries out his day to day include his belief in active philanthropy. The foundation, from the CEO to all the other workers have learned that through investment of their time to the many great projects the company takes part in, they are able to achieve resounding success.

The other principle that the company operates under is that of impacting the life path of all the people that they come across. Adam has made this possible through his efforts to look for funds, and helping organizations whose audiences are at different stages of life get to their goals and destinations. Through the assistance of the foundation, the communities are making a difference in their homes.

Adam is also a strong believer that there should be synergy in all his efforts at philanthropy. The foundation is structured in a way that helps the making of the best decisions and advises to help all the groups that they work with make a lasting impact on the community. Synergies and partnerships are formed with other non-profit organizations that share similar vision.

About Adam Milstein

He got his MBA from USC and started his real estate career in South California.

He is now a managing partner at Hagar Pacific property, which has owned and developed real estate throughout the country. He has a wife and three children living in Encino, California.