How Fabletics Makes Great Use Of Customer Reviews

“The power of the crowd” is a term for a new technique used for the marketing of products. It refers to using the power of authentic online customer reviews being prominent on an online sales site. Customers want to know what other people think of a product and so look to the reviews to see what people are saying. Companies that take advantage of this are making reviews central to their marketing strategies.

Fabletics is a company that makes customers reviews a prominent part of their website. The leadership of the parent company of Fabletics, TechStyle Group, says that they have made user reviews to great success. By embracing “the power of the crowd” they have achieved stunning growth. The company launched in 2013 and it already generates more than $235 million a year as of 2017. They said this growth was largely due to their customers reviewing their products very favorably which influences others to give this company’s clothing a shot.

When a new customer joins Fabletics they are encouraged to take a Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz is used by Fabletics to get to know the customer. This includes things such as what type of clothing appeals to them and their sizes. By taking the Lifestyle Quiz the Fabletics website is customized to that customer’s tastes in activewear clothing.

The Fabletics brand is headed by Kate Hudson. TechStyle Group chose to work with this actress because she is considered approachable by people and she is well known as a fitness buff. She says that she lives in activewear and so is very knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t.

Kate Hudson says that the Fabletics brand is all about selling quality, stylish women’s activewear at a great price. She is involved in all facets of running the company such as marketing, what fashions to stock, and crunching sales numbers to see what is selling and what isn’t. While she doesn’t have a background in business she has been very effective running the company nonetheless.

Like many if not most new companies, Fabletics had its growing pains in the first year and a half. One of the issues that Kate Hudson saw was that communication between the brand and its customers needed to be much better. She went about expanding and improving Fabletics customer service department. She also made sure that inventory levels matched demand much better which definitely improved the customer experience.

Whitney Wolfe Marries and Keeps the Bumble Train of Thought Moving

Bumble has become one of the most fascinating apps in the technology arena today. This is a company that Whitney Wolfe started, and she has made great strides in the last several years with bringing millions of matches together. People are excited about what she has done with the Bumble, and there appears to be a lot of work that is going into taking this company to another level.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, but this has not stopped her creativity. She has been able to bring a lot of change to Bumble, and it appears that getting married was simply icing on the cake to an extraordinary year already.

The wedding was lavish, and millions of Bumble fans got chances to see pictures of Whitney Wolfe in a beautiful dress. This marriage was something that was highlighted in Vogue magazine, and it was also very impressive to the large number of Twitter followers.

Ladies that have seen Whitney Wolfe in her wedding dress are inspired. She is the woman that was single when she started Bumble, but she met the love of her life on Valentine’s Day. She has an interesting backstory that makes the success of Bumble exciting. People that look at her life and the transition that she has made are hopeful about their own love lives. The singles that are showing up on Bumble are getting a glimpse of what they could be doing themselves if they make the right match with someone through this app.

Whitney Wolfe loves that her app has followers that are inspired by her wedding, but the dating portion of the app is just a small part of where she plans to go next. Whitney Wolfe is taking the Bumble organization to a whole new high. There is an office with headquarters in Texas, but she also has another group of workers for Bumble outside of the United States. All of this gives Whitney Wolfe the opportunity to get a global perspective on what people may be interested in seeing.

Whitney Wolfe has become a leader in the app world because she is staying abreast of what people are looking for. She has transitioned into other aspects of bumble like Bumble Bizz because she knows that there are a lot of young people that have a need to network through social media. Whitney Wolfe sees the void and she fills it.

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Why Fabletics is Taking Over the Athletic Wear Market

If you haven’t yet been introduced to Kate Hudson’s megabrand of fun and trendy athletic wear, Fabletics, you may have been hiding under a rock. The brand is a true unicorn of the fashion industry, skyrocking from a tiny startup to a company with $250 million in sales in just under three years. And recently, the snowball of momentum for Fabletics has only continued to grow larger. The brand is going viral – literally. Fabletics has always focused on utilizing big data to ensure they meet customer needs, and recently, that trend has picked up even further.


They currently have over a million dedicated members that receive shipments of Fabletics gear each month. Fabletics is using the power of the crowd to grow that number to even greater heights. Trust in brands is at an all time low and at a time when remarketing continually shoves ads in your face and disrupts your inbox, an online review is second only to a true word of mouth review. What’s more? People actually trust online reviews. According to a recent BrightLocal study, 84% of people trust online reviews. And why shouldn’t they? Online reviews come from people all over the world who have used a product and want to give their honest reviews.


Fabletics is wisely capitalizing on the online review system by encouraging their millions of satisfied members to review their company and their individual product, helping them skyrocket to first place and garner new members. They are even able to do this on sites that once could have been competitors, giving Fabletics a strong edge.


Additionally, Google (and other search engines) love these positive reviews. A recent study shows that positive reviews now definitively improve search ranking. What does that mean for Fabletics? It means that each time one of their satisifed customers posts a review, Fabletics has a greater chance of ranking higher on searches such as, “best yoga leggins,” or “cute athletic wear.” That makes it a win, win for Fabletics and for customers of the company, who trust the brand’s vision, style and know that they are receiving an extemely high quality product at a very reasonable price.


Fabletics marketing style is on the cutting edge of today’s technology. They started as a brand that preached the importance of big data to ensure they met their customer’s extremely specific needs and wants.


At the forefront of this is Fabletics founder Kate Hudson. Hudson paired up with Fabletics’ parent company, TechStyle Fashion LLC, to help ensure that Fabletics was first and foremost a modern company. Most of the other athletic wear brands had been in the game for decades and were used to doing things the “old school” way. TechStyle already had the resources in place to launch Fabletics to the front of the digital media game and the two paired up to launch Fabletics from a tiny startup into a retail giant.


Outside of a push for data, Kate Hudson wanted to make sure that customer service and transparent communication was a front priority for Fabletics. She wanted a commitment to quality and customer service to be one of the overarching focuses of her business.

Lime Crime 101

Cosmetics are everywhere in todays modern society. The isles of most individuals favorite stores are lined with make-up, foundations, eye shadow, and lipsticks which seem to go on forever. Each year this industry pulls in billions of dollars and as of today, the cosmetic industry is on of the popular fields of work. There are literally hundreds of brands on the market such a Maybelline, Cover Girl, Max Factor, L’Oréal, and Mac. These brands have dominated the scene for many years, but a change has come and it’s in the form of deep pigmented color tones. Lime Crime is the name and self expression is the game. This revolutionary new brand is setting new trends in the make-up industry and has quickly became a fan favorite since it’s inception back in 2008. With such a huge international following, this exclusive brand has become one of the industries best sellers.


Performance and quality is key in all of the products as they are easy to apply, are touch proof, kiss proof, and easy to remove. Unlike other brands who experiment with animal testing, Lime Crime bypasses that step altogether and is vegan free. That way the user receives a safe-to-use product without any of the nasty side effects that comes along with regular cosmetic use. Being forward thinking like this comes from it’s Founder and CEO Doe Deere. The Russian born America bred entrepreneur has brought new life into a rather bland field of work, (in-a-sense). For those seeking attention or wanting to stand out in a crowd, this brand is for you. Doe Deere understands this and uses it to her advantage since the field was void of such wild styled products. After it’s 2008 official launch, the cosmetic industry has experienced a huge sales burst by bringing in many more millions of dollars.


As of today, Lime Crime is the king of the hill with it’s popular liquid mattelipsticks. The brand has grown in all avenues as well by producing some of the best eye shadows, foundations, and nail polishes.

How Fabletics Is Changing The World Of Women’s Activewear

Currently, internet shopping behemoth Amazon accounts for 20% of the online fashion e-commerce market. Fabletics, a company founded by Kate Hudson, is taking Amazon straight on and doing so with wild success. In just three short years her company has grown to a valuation of $250 million. One of the unique things about Fabletics is that they are a subscription service where members pay a monthly fee and in return get a package of clothing shipped them every month. The members are also free to browse the site and pick out their own clothing.

In order to make sure the shipped clothing matches the subscriber’s fashion sensibility, Fabletics has each new member take a Lifestyle Quiz. By taking this quiz Fabletics can pinpoint what the member will like and fit in with the rest of her activewear collection. This is just one part of Fabletics great customer experience which includes exclusive designs and affordable prices compared to their competition.

In addition to their online website, Fabletics is also opening retail stores across the nation. Many retailers dread what is called showrooming where a customer will shop the physical store but actually buy goods online. As Fabletics started with just an online presence they encourage this and call it reverse showrooming where people will shop their online store but then buy the clothing at a b&m Fabletics store.

Recently, Kate Hudson and Fabletics hosted an event in Beverly Hills where she introduced their first fashion collaboration. Demi Lovato, who is a popular pop superstar, has designed a line of clothing which will be made available exclusively through Fabletics. At the event, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, she said that she strongly supports Fabletics and their mission to provide activewear clothing to every age, shape, and size of women.

Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson in partnership with the co-founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. They had determined that in the world of women’s athletic wear there was no company offering quality clothing that was fashionable and reasonably priced. They set out to solve this problem by partnering with Kate Hudson. Kate is very involved in operating the company and does everything from reviewing budgets to determining Fabletic’s social media strategy. She also takes a hand in designing the clothing and approving what is sold on the website and inside the physical stores.

Fabletics: Here Comes The Boom

In case you’re not acquainted with Fabletics, it’s a wellness attire organization endorsed by Kate Hudson that works on a month to month participation structure. If you do decide to become a VIP Member, your first outfit is just $25 and you likewise get marked down costs on individual things. (Also, in case you’re ever going to purchase anything, I don’t know why you wouldn’t join as a VIP since you’re never obligated to purchase anything or pay a month to month charge.)


But the fundamental benefit of joining is that you get outfits curated for you every month and can get a 2-3 piece outfit for $49-$59. Also, in the event that you don’t need anything, you can skip a month and you get charged $0 for that month.


Customers fall over themselves over the quality of the products. They like the thickness and durability. Typically leggings at that price point are thin and see through and are unwearable shortly after buying them. They love that they can get the same quality of a Lululemon at a better price.


They hold their shape and pressure after some time and they don’t blur. That kind of quality compression makes for great looking legs and a tight booty. The tops have been truly delicate and astounding as well.


Fabletics is amazing for women who want to work at home or go hit the gym. Of course, everyone wants cute and comfortable workout clothes. Cute and comfortable workout clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Lately, the brand who has achieved these requirements is Fabletics by Kate Hudson.


The best thing about Fabletics is its affordability. I think we can all agree on one thing: there are many great workout brands but they are not cheap at all. Like I said before, if you enter as a VIP, your first outfit is ONLY $25 which is a price no one can beat! Then along the rest of the month the prices vary between $49.95-$89.95 (still, very low prices).


The company has grown 35% every year despite competing with mega-giant Amazon who holds about 20% of the market. It’s (Fabletics) now worth $250 million and has only been around a little over three years. Fabletics is currently, by far, the best workout clothing brand (and the cheapest) you’ll find on the internet! If you use them, you will not be disappointed!

Looking Chic in Fabletics

There’s a new activewear brand in town and it’s called Fabletics. Their marketing is quite different with a catchy first time purchase for only $25.00. Which makes this brand worth trying. The celebrity behind this company is Kate Hudson, and although she could wear pretty much anything and look super hot in it, she’s really taken to the idea that women come in all shapes and sizes. The quality is pretty good for the price and the styles are definitely hip in today’s market.


If you sign up up for the promotion of getting your first outfit for $25.00, then each month they will send you a new monthly outfit for $49.95. You can even choose from the selections they are offering monthly or you can just let them send you their fave’s for the month. Either way, you get to score a new activewear workout outfit to wear on your next run, walk or even while taking a yoga class. But okay, what if you don’t want a new outfit every single month? No problem, you can opt out each month within the first five days and not get billed, nor receive any new outfits for that month.


There is a really good review of Fabletics on The Krazy Coupon Lady and they also agree that the value is definitely there for these really cool outfits from Fabletics. They list the pros and cons of this brand, but the pros definitely out weigh the cons. The best way to know for sure if these digs are for you, is to join the VIP club at and take advantage of the first time offer of getting any outfit your heart desires for just $25.00. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to continue receiving these cool outfits each month delivered right to your doorstep, which is also a bonus – no need to go out shopping!


With reviews like “I have never been disappointed with my purchase at Fabletics and this was no exception. My order got to my house in a reasonable amount of time and the quality is amazing.” from the Trust Pilot website, confirms it’s worth trying out. Again, it’s hard to beat a deal like this with so many choices to chose from.

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