A New Leaf

There’s no hiding the fact that many of the alternative wellness companies in the business of reversing and stanching age-related complications have a sketchy science to back up their claims and even sketchier results to go with them. It’s a mixed bag, but that means there are good companies in the mix as well, and Jeunesse Global represents the greener side of the fence with their thoroughly developed offerings.

Formed on September 9, 2009 at 9 p.m. by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse is entrenched in the noble concept of delivering a product that promotes longevity and healthfulness while training people’s awareness on just how many hazards exist in the environment every day. The results of the company’s finer grasp of the body and what causes breakdown over the years has lead Jeunesse into the direct-sales fast lane, helped along by its multi-level marketing (MLM) foundation that has formed the Jeunesse Family.

To this day, the company continues to hone its Youth Enhancement System to deliver a better product straight from the labs of their research.

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How It Works

The Youth Enhancement System works by buffing the natural armamentarium of the human body with resources that are usually obtained in scarce amounts; these resources are supposedly responsible for the body’s inability to repair itself over the course of a lifetime where continued sedentary living and exposure to harmful conditions results in faster aging. Jeunesse understood that while we certainly live longer these days, we don’t seem to show more life in the years that we have, and this reflects a larger problem on the whole.

By equipping the body with specific nutrients that are delivered across nine categories of youth-enhancing products, you can see blemishes disappear within two minutes, restore your youthful glow and smoothness in the long run, maximize brain function and promote the conversion of fat to muscle with fitness powders that curb your appetite and give you that much-needed workout boost. Also included are immune boosters, sleep aids and daytime lethargy fixes to optimize your daily potential and stay on top of the game.


Susan McGalla Inspires Women to take Control of Their Professional Lives

Susan McGalla is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an astute businesswoman respected for her work at American Outfitters Inc., and her tenure as CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She has a great deal of business experience and knowledge gained from her many leadership roles.

Most likely, much of her drive and abilities trace back to her personal life and growing up with family in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up with energetic brothers and a father who coached football. It is not hard to imagine that she developed a can-do attitude early on that has led to her success today.

Her vast reservoir of experience inspired her to start P3 Executive Consulting. McGalla’s company provides expert business insights, and she draws heavily on her experience gained at American Eagle Outfitters. Retail is her strong suit, and her company works with the financial industry in providing retail consulting. She also wears the hat of VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

The road to the top has been a challenge for women. Many, like McGalla, have more than proven their business prowess and ability to be effective leaders and managers. As such, McCalla possesses an excellent blend of personality and leadership strengths that have helped her to successfully undertake various roles. It is women like McGalla that set examples in the corporate world by taking a stance and making a definite mark. Such women are also running their own successful companies.

Another thing about role models like McGalla is they are aware of their own journey and will reach out to help other women with a desire to be all they can be. Such women are not afraid to help other women climb the ladder. Women like McGalla also possess great networking skills that allow them to earn a great deal of trust among peers in their profession.

Susan McGalla is all about hard work, passion, confidence, and committing the time and effort to get things done. She also believes that nothing worthwhile in life comes on a silver platter. Each individual is responsible for identifying and nurturing their own strengths.

Whitney Wolfe Marries and Keeps the Bumble Train of Thought Moving

Bumble has become one of the most fascinating apps in the technology arena today. This is a company that Whitney Wolfe started, and she has made great strides in the last several years with bringing millions of matches together. People are excited about what she has done with the Bumble, and there appears to be a lot of work that is going into taking this company to another level.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, but this has not stopped her creativity. She has been able to bring a lot of change to Bumble, and it appears that getting married was simply icing on the cake to an extraordinary year already.

The wedding was lavish, and millions of Bumble fans got chances to see pictures of Whitney Wolfe in a beautiful dress. This marriage was something that was highlighted in Vogue magazine, and it was also very impressive to the large number of Twitter followers.

Ladies that have seen Whitney Wolfe in her wedding dress are inspired. She is the woman that was single when she started Bumble, but she met the love of her life on Valentine’s Day. She has an interesting backstory that makes the success of Bumble exciting. People that look at her life and the transition that she has made are hopeful about their own love lives. The singles that are showing up on Bumble are getting a glimpse of what they could be doing themselves if they make the right match with someone through this app.

Whitney Wolfe loves that her app has followers that are inspired by her wedding, but the dating portion of the app is just a small part of where she plans to go next. Whitney Wolfe is taking the Bumble organization to a whole new high. There is an office with headquarters in Texas, but she also has another group of workers for Bumble outside of the United States. All of this gives Whitney Wolfe the opportunity to get a global perspective on what people may be interested in seeing.

Whitney Wolfe has become a leader in the app world because she is staying abreast of what people are looking for. She has transitioned into other aspects of bumble like Bumble Bizz because she knows that there are a lot of young people that have a need to network through social media. Whitney Wolfe sees the void and she fills it.

To know more visit @: www.businessinsider.com/bumble-ceo-leadership-employees-2017-7

Logan Stout – CEO and Founder of IDLife, LLC

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur, leadership trainer, philanthropist, keynote speaker, business owner, and a best-selling author. He earned himself revenue worth billions of dollars throughout his profession. His integrity and track record on team building, leadership, and triumphant principles not only continue to take lead in his present business ventures but also make him a worldwide after-sought public speaker.

Stout’s ventures are recently focused on the field of health and wellness. He currently serves at IDLife, LLC as company’s Chief Executive Officer. He also the founder of the company. Since the company’s establishment in May 2004, it has exponentially expanded with partners including billionaire Darwin Deason, Jen Widerstrom, a celebrity trainer, and Troy Aikman. Moreover, the company has also partnered with fitness ambassadors and authors who are nationally recognized on a journey to teach the society on the significance of health and wellness. Also, IDLife, LLC provides people with national products that are of highest quality. The firm was named globally as one of the 100 Solid Top Multi-level companies in 2016.

Logan Stout has also partnered with John C. Maxwell, Inc. Magazine’s “Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World”, and motivational speakers around the world, to bring personal growth training and leadership to all 196 countries operating in the world. Logan also established the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. He also serves at the company as the Chief Executive Officer, where he is mainly concerned with leading and mentoring the youth. Dallas Patriots baseball organization is currently one of the leading providers of coaches, mentors, training experts, and world-class instructors to teams aged between six to eighteen years old around in the world.

Logan frequently makes appearances at live events, on radio, and television. He has been made a star in a number of publications such as The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazine, and various live media and print outlets. The Philadelphia Life Magazine named Logan Stout as the “Man of the Year”. Logan has also made appearances on FOX, The Fan, CBS Radio, and The Ticket.

Logan Stout together with Haley, his wife, live in Frisco, Texas. They have two sons and are both patrons and honorary leads of the American Heart Association based in North Texas and the Boys and Girls Club based in Collin County. Moreover, they are active philanthropists. They demonstrated their charitable acts by establishing Youth Athletes Foundation and other non-profit organizations.

IDLife Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPqdr4WK-ig

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Susan McGalla Reigns in the Business World

Susan P. McGalla, married to Stephan McGalla, a wealth manager, is an excellent model of success in the business world. Ms. McGalla received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing at Mount Union College; it is here that she holds a role on the college’s board of Advisors. Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and has had quite a success in her previous business pursuits.

Ms. McGalla’s first place of business employment was at Joseph Home Company; she left her role at Joseph Home Company in 1994 to pursue a career at American Eagle Outfitter Inc. Her employment at American Eagle Outfitters Inc. is the hallmark of many managerial roles. Her employment accomplishments include: former president of American Eagle Outfitter Inc., former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc., board member of HFF Inc. and Magee- Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, former trustee of University of Pittsburgh, and former director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Ms. McGalla is viewed not only as a success in the business world but is also seen as a positive role model for women. However, her advice to a female business woman is less conventional than advice given by most. Susan has a person- centered rather than gender- centered view on business success. Susan attributes her person-centered philosophy of business success on her childhood. Susan’s father, a coach, expressed the same expectations for Susan that he had for his sons; she never faced limitations due to gender. Susan applies the same standard of expectation to her workplace experiences. She does not view herself solely as a woman; more so she perceives herself a person. Thus, this is the advice she advocates all women follow.

Susan P. McGalla has shown prominence through her great business success. She now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she runs P3 Executive Consulting.