A Classroom Experience For All To Share

Here is an app that every school teacher should look into, it’s called ClassDojo. This trusty app continues to amaze students and teachers alike. With ClassDojo on hand, communication within school, peer-to-peer, or to home is not a problem and that is simply the main purpose of this educational app, to increase ideas and communication within the school to your home. Parents, teachers and students can share videos, photos and instant messages throughout the school day. This app give each student who partakes in it a voice. The students can post their classwork on their digital portfolios and update it daily. The student’s parents can log on the app to see their child’s progression at anytime during the day. Teachers can give their student positive feedbacks or “+1’s” to let them know they are getting on the right track. Such as, a shy student participating in class or witnessing a student showing extreme acts of kindness during school.

ClassDojo gives each student and teacher an equal opportunity to share, bring the best ideas to the table and create a perfectly ideal classroom. The app is to be used as a team, to share the classroom experience with loved ones so nothing is left in air. The educational app is supported by many popular devices and is 100 percent free to download. One feature this app has is called “Stories” that is divided in three main sections: Student Stories, Class Story and School Story. Depending on the Story, they all have a main goal of connecting in real time with everyone relative to that specific classroom. Supported worldwide, ClassDojo has over 35 built in languages along with translations and is used in over 180 countries. Classdojo is also currently being used in about 90% of US K-8 public and private schools.