Flexible Health Insurance for You

When it comes to health insurance, you may have a hard time finding the perfect fit for you and your family. Everyone has different price points and different needs for insurance. Some families only need some basic coverage while others may need a more tailored plan for a specific purpose. Not everyone has the same price in mind when it comes to what they are willing to spend for it either.

USHEALTH Group understands these needs. For more than 50 years, they have been helping their customers find the plans for specific needs. They help those with disabilities and those who are looking to insure workers of small businesses. This company is located in Fort Worth, Texas but can help those in most states.

Employees are required to go through specific training to provide the best service possible. USHEALTH Group has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for customer service and in 2013 they were named one of the top 50 North American Call Center for excellent customer service. They pride themselves in understanding that every customer is unique and knowing that “one size fits all” isn’t always the answer.

When looking into getting services with USHEALTH Group, you have many options to chose from that can be more customized to your needs. They offer insurance for vision, dental, medical, life, and many others. Each plan can be more tailored to your specific needs. Click here to know more.

With their PremierChoice coverage, you don’t even have to cover a deductibles. You can also pick any doctor or hospital but they recommend picking one in network to save yourself some extra money. If you don’t use any of the benefits, they also roll over so you don’t lose them. If you find you need more coverage, you can also get that without any penalty. That’s just one of the many great plans they offer.

USHEALTH Group has one goal in mind and that’s taking care of the customer. With their excellent customer service, flexible coverage, and many different plans to pick from, they can help just about anyone. You can feel like a person instead of a number with USHEALTH Group and get the service you deserve.


USHEALTH Group – Highly Reputed and Well-Known Medical and Healthcare Insurance Provider in the United States

Even though there are many providers in the field of medical and health insurance in the United States, one company that stands out tall is the USHEALTH Group. The company has already served more than 15 million customers across the country. It continues to provide a broad range of innovative and affordable insurance products to the small and medium-sized enterprises, and individuals across the United States through two of its subsidiary companies, namely National Foundation Life Insurance Company and highly successful Freedom Life Insurance Company.

The insurance market is highly competitive with many different insurance companies surfacing now and then to capture the significant part of the market share, but USHEALTH Group has continued to hold steady for long due to its customer-centric nature and a wide range of innovative insurance products.

The experience of the company in the insurance market helps USHEALTH Group to come up with the original health insurance plans that are customized to meet the requirements of the customers these days. It ensures that the end users get the coverage they are looking for without having to spend a fortune, which unfortunately is the case with many of the counterpart life and health insurance companies out there.

Many of the customers end up overspending when they are buying health and medical insurance for their employees, their families, or themselves. However, USHEALTH Group gives the option of customization to the customers, so that they can customize and get what they want while removing the extra features that are not applicable to them. It helps in cutting the additional burden on the company as well as the end users and helps with savings. Click here to know more.

Few of the many products that the company offers include the income protector, disability income, particular sickness insurance, short-term accident plans, critical illness, specified disease insurance, vision plans, general health insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance, term life insurance, and more. The company was known as Ascent Assurance but was rebranded to become USHEALTH Group in the year 2005.

The mission and motto of the enterprise are HOPE, which stands for “Helping Other People Every day.” The company believes that health insurance is for all and that people should be able to control their spending on insurance products, which is why the company offers advanced customization options that pass on significant savings to the customers.


USHEALTH group of companies through its licensed life and health insurance companies offers a broad range of insurance covers. Some of the insurance covers include specified disease and sickness, accident, critical illness, dental, life and short-term disability due to the crash. The group is based in Texas and has got sales representatives and marketing agents in different regions in America.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

There is an offer for various income levels of individual families. USHEALTH provides innovative health coverage to suit individual family’s needs. During any time of the year, one can provide insurance coverage for the family needs. Unlike other companies, one does not pay any additional charges in case an additional cover is required after the first subscription. There is no underwriting required. The family health coverage provides medical treatment but does not cover non-medical expenses. Click here to know more.


It is committed to providing unparallel services to the client’s base. Therefore, through entering the zip code number one can easily get the required health care provider in a given radius. The portfolio coverage rests on the customer’s tailor made needs that the insurance provider gives.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

Apart from the family insurance cover provided, there are plenty of medical covers that one can get as an individual. Through its subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Life Foundation Trust, millions of people get tailor made covers to suit their needs. Employees and small business organizations can get the insurance covers.

USHEALTH believes that each is unique and no plan can fit all types of people. As such, the covers are developed by one’s income and needs. Despite the customer’s choice of the insurance cover, USHEALTH group provides an array of services such as specified disease and sickness, accident, critical illness, dental, life and short-term disability due to the crash.

The marketing agents who sell the insurance covers and the health providers provide a one on one basis in which the customer engages with them. USHEALTH group inc. Has got a worldwide support system coupled with an online presence in the social media platforms for meeting the clientele specifications.

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