Everything You Should Know About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a leader in the area of digital marketing. The organization is focused on helping small and medium sized enterprises with their digital marketing campaigns. The company is thus far rated as one of the fastest growing digital marketing firms in North America.

The growth that it has achieved is because of its commitment to excellent customer service and running cost effective campaigns. Essentially, the company offers its customers value for money, while at the same time offering a listening ear.

The company, once described as a boutique agency, has grown to a behemoth that assists its customers all over America. The company utilizes proprietary marketing tools and unique tactics that are a sure recipe for success.

Another feature that ensures they deliver quality to their customers is their tracking policy. The company uses many tools including Google Analytics, keyword tracking, and in-house tools to prepare results. Consequently, customers get to see how the money they spend on their online campaign is bearing fruit.

Major Achievements

The company prides itself on being able to retain customers. Since their founding, they have managed to retain the first customer with whom they began working with. Additionally, the company currently employs over 150 customers in three countries.

In early 2012, Google recognized the impact that this company was having. As a result, they were given an invite to Google HQ. They were assigned a team that would help the company integrate better into the Google search engine. Because of the close working relationship with Google, the company received the SMB Partnership from Google in 2014. At the time, it was among a small group of 29 companies that had received the recognition. Google has very strict standards as to who can qualify for this award.

Additionally, Microsoft has recognized the company. The result is that the company was requested to join the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program. It is because the company has shown the ability to deliver value for small business owners.

What Their Customers Think about them

One of their customers appreciates the company’s dependable communication channels. For one, he appreciates how fast follow up questions receive replies. He is quite appreciative of the company’s ability to break down AdWords data into simple layman terms. Other customers have also posted positive reviews. They mostly praise the company for helping them increase their conversions.

The Future of White Shark Media

The company has plans to double its operation in coming years. Additionally, it intends to continue offering the same high level of service to its customers.

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Talk Fusion Confidence the Risk Free 30-Day Trial Will Be a Success

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is confident the 30-day risk free trial will be one of the greatest successes the company experiences. For approximately 12 plus months, Talk Fusion planned for the free trial launch to offer to individuals, companies, and charitable organizations internationally. The trial gives prospective customers the chance to test and try all video products, including email, chat, newsletter, sign-up forms, and live meetings. They will have access to a virtual library to learn how to use the products through literature, tutorials, and guides.


Mr. Reina explained in an April 2016 PR Newswire news release that there are no comparison of value Talk Fusion brings worldwide. He’s self-reliant the risk free 30-day trial will encourage prospective customers to purchase their products and services after using it. The complete video marketing solution is available in nine primary languages in more than 140 global countries. Talk Fusion Video Marketing Associates will assist new trial customers with efficient ways to use products that will benefit businesses and professionals.


Now that the video marketing solution free trial is launched, new customers will experience fabulous benefits, including fast sign-up, which requires only names and email addresses. The best benefit of all, is no requirement for credit cards, telephone numbers, and location addresses. When the trial is over, customers will be required to submit their personal information and credit card information. During the trial, customers will have access to Talk Fusion Online Library that is filled with information pertaining to using video chat, email, newsletter, and live meetings.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 with the mission of connecting businesses and people internationally to share its latest video technology. Talk Fusion created and introduced the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan before launching its video products. Mr. Reina has nearly 21 years of experience in the marketing industry and nine years of video technology experience.