Equities First Holdings UK Has a Good Performance Record

Equities First Holdings UK help individual investors and businesses to reach goals. A stock-based loans are called no-purpose loans. The no-purpose loan for a business translates to having capability of using funds as they see fit. EFH generates a large share of their revenue with the use of the stock-based loan. A loan is the factor EFH is a leader in the finance sector, and learn more about Equities First.

EFH had its’ beginning in 2013. The expansion from EFH’s office in the United States occurred led to an office opening in the United Kingdom. The expansion happened because of the popularity of the EFH’s services and stock-based loans had with clients. Companies cannot compete with the EFH’s good performance record. Business expansion indicates a good performing business. The people in new markets located in different countries experience what the loans have to offer. EFH is not like any traditional lending companies. The stock used as collateral make EFH unique.

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Adam Milstein and Wife Gila Are Helping More People Know About Their Jewish Heritage Through Programs They Support

Community leader and real estate mogul, Adam Milstein has spent much of his life as an active philanthropist. Founder and President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has helped Adam Milstein to be a name that the State of Israel are familiar with as well as the community of Jewish people.

The native of Isreal, he served his people during the Yom Kippur War and when it was done, he went on to study at Technion. He graduated it 1978 and left to the United States in 1981. He has earned his masters from the University of Southern California and has since become a staple in the commercial real estate business. Currently he is managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, where he is focused on private commercial investments that manage and own several million sq. feet of industrial and commercial space through out America.

Adam Milstein has helped to establish the Israeli-American Council. He is the co-founder of the board and sits there with a number of organizations which help to bring the Jewish community the knowledge they need to know in order to know about their heritage.

Adam Milstein and wife are living in the Encino, California area and love to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

One of the programs that Adam Milstein and wife help support in the Jewish community is the IAC BINA. This program will connect the Israeli American young professionals who are in their 20s and 30s by giving them the encouragement they need in order to be a part of the thought provoking intellectual discussions that will bring strength and order to the State of Israel.

Another program that Adam Milstein and family support is the IAC Shishi Israeli Shabbat traditions. During the Shabbat dinner, the group focuses on the educational activities and sing alongs to raise their awareness of what Shabbat is. The Jewish heritage and traditions are brought out during the celebration where the community and family festivals are taught to the families of the Jewish community. They focus on the programs during the entire year and work to raise awareness during the year to those who might not otherwise know anything about

Roberto Santiago achievements

Jose Roberto Santiago Gomes (Sao Paulo, SP, July 1, 1958) is a Brazilian politician, trader and trade unionist, affiliated with the PSD of Sao Paulo. He holds the second term of Deputy Federal. Roberto Santiago is a federal deputy for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), re-elected by Sao Paulo, and vice-president of the General Union of Workers (UGT). His life trajectory is marked by the struggle for the workers and by the tireless effort to organize civil society.

He was rapporteur of the project that establishes the policy of valorization of the minimum salary and of several projects that deal with the career plan of civil servants. He was responsible for extending the project “My House, My Life” to all Brazilian municipalities, presenting a modification amendment to the original Federal Government project, which intended to contemplate only the cities with more than 200 thousand inhabitants. In 2011, he chaired the Consumer Law Commission, standing out in the battle against the inefficiency of mobile operators and health plans.

In 2012, it helped to articulate approval in the Labor Committee of the profession of day laborer, contemplating more than 6 million people linked to equal treatment with other Brazilian workers, with two or more daily per week, right to work, retirement, sickness benefits, maternity leave and other benefits provided for in the Constitution and the CLT. It actively participated in approving the regulation of the profession of the 12 million traders who, despite having unions and collective agreements, were not officially recognized. Santiago also fought for the 30% dangerousness guarantee for the postmen. Likewise to the vigilantes, the parliamentarian was committed to the conquest of the additional 30% by the “risk of life” of these professionals. He is also the author of the bill that reduced the working hours of collectors and garis.In 2013, he was president of the Labor, Administration and Public Service Committee (CTASP) of the Federal Chamber – one of the most important committees of the National Congress.

Important ally of workers, retirees and pensioners, and public servants. He is also rapporteur of the Special Committee on Outsourced Work, whose project is about to be approved, and will become the legal framework of the modality that employs more than 15 million workers in every country. Idealizer of the biggest event in defense of the country’s animal cause: the ‘National Camp in Defense of Animals’. The mobilization had wide coverage of the press and international repercussion, being considered, by political observers, a historical action in favor of the cause.

In 2011, awarded the medal of “Grand Officer of the Superior Labor Court” Awarded as “Member of the Year” by the Congress in Focus website. Elected among the “Most Influential Parliamentarians of the National Congress” by Arko Advice, in the report of “Parliamentary Elite 2011”; In 2012, received the “Cebrasse Service Sector Award”, in the category “Parliamentary, actions for Brazilian entrepreneurship”; In 2013, he was awarded the “Commemorative Medal, allusive to the 70 years of the Consolidation of Labor Laws”, by TST. Consecrated by Diap, for the seventh consecutive time, as one of the 100 most influential parliamentarians in the country.


The Amazing and Ongoing Success of Eric Pulier

As an entrepreneur who has had success in the field of technology, publishing, and philanthropy, Eric Pulier constantly strives to make the world a better place. Graduating from Harvard, Pulier has a strong academic background that helps him to succeed in business each year. Right out of the gate after graduation, Pulier jumped into the world of tech startups with his first business, People Doing Things. Since that first company in 1991, Pulier has funded and founded 15 companies in the area of technology.


Pulier has had a passion for philanthropy for quite some time now. Focusing on helping children with special needs, Pulier has brought new opportunities and technologies to underprivileged children all over the world. Pulier has focused on using multimedia to bring those in need closer together. In 1995, Pulier worked with Stephen Spielberg to create the first social networking platform online. The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses, has also been a strong focus on Pulier in his philanthropic efforts.


Pulier is highly involved with the XPrize Foundation. The XPrize Foundation hosts competitions for innovators to create solutions for some of humanities most troublesome issues. This foundation moves forward to help focus on solutions that will help move society forward on some of the more difficult issues the world is facing.


Leaving a positive impact on society is one of Pulier’s main aims. Helping underprivileged individuals with their basic needs and pushing forward with new technologies will continue to be a passion for Pulier in the future.