The Secret Behind Cheryl’s Lime Crime Treasure

The festive season is here. Everyone is striving to put on that charming look just like the Riverdale actress, Cheryl Blossom. The desire to look flawless is every lady’s desire. However, not many have managed to achieve this. Cheryl is one of the few beauties who go that extra to wear a glamorous look, from head to toe.

Cheryl has a unique taste for her make-up. Cheryl complements her perfect looks with the great red curls, a red dress code and the flawless rouge mani to top it up.

Cheryl Blossom is a high-end individual who dreams of the best life for herself. However, the secret behind her glowing lips is a product of Lime Crime. The Lime Crime’s Red Velvet is her favorite lipstick. It is very affordable and accessible even to the ordinary individuals who want to look glamorous.

The Red Velvet lipstick is an excellent product of Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine collection. Its design is an inspiration from the red roses. The lipstick has rich red pigment as well as a vanilla based color scent that is attractive.

Interestingly, this Lime Crime’s treasure blends perfectly into Cheryl’s beautiful and outstanding character. The most admirable feature of the Red Velvet lipstick is that it can last for a whole day once applied. It is touch and kiss proof and altogether addictive.

Cheryl completes the red velvet lipstick shade with a finish of Nivea ChapStick gloss. It is clear that the Riverdale queen cannot live with this Lime Crime’s lip color because it doesn’t rub off quickly.

It is so evident why Cheryl is always in the red, from her hair to the nails and as well as her outfits. She is a loyal customer and a brand ambassador for the Lime Crime.

The Riverdale vixens now have an opportunity to rock Cheryl’s look effortlessly with this great revelation on the secret behind her red looks, especially the Lime Crime’s lipstick. The lipstick is something most people must add to their make-up lists.

The lipstick is available all over Riverdale. No individual has a reason to complain whatsoever. The prices are also pocket-friendly. It is time to look and feel fantastic this festive season.