Whitney Wolfe Marries and Keeps the Bumble Train of Thought Moving

Bumble has become one of the most fascinating apps in the technology arena today. This is a company that Whitney Wolfe started, and she has made great strides in the last several years with bringing millions of matches together. People are excited about what she has done with the Bumble, and there appears to be a lot of work that is going into taking this company to another level.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, but this has not stopped her creativity. She has been able to bring a lot of change to Bumble, and it appears that getting married was simply icing on the cake to an extraordinary year already.

The wedding was lavish, and millions of Bumble fans got chances to see pictures of Whitney Wolfe in a beautiful dress. This marriage was something that was highlighted in Vogue magazine, and it was also very impressive to the large number of Twitter followers.

Ladies that have seen Whitney Wolfe in her wedding dress are inspired. She is the woman that was single when she started Bumble, but she met the love of her life on Valentine’s Day. She has an interesting backstory that makes the success of Bumble exciting. People that look at her life and the transition that she has made are hopeful about their own love lives. The singles that are showing up on Bumble are getting a glimpse of what they could be doing themselves if they make the right match with someone through this app.

Whitney Wolfe loves that her app has followers that are inspired by her wedding, but the dating portion of the app is just a small part of where she plans to go next. Whitney Wolfe is taking the Bumble organization to a whole new high. There is an office with headquarters in Texas, but she also has another group of workers for Bumble outside of the United States. All of this gives Whitney Wolfe the opportunity to get a global perspective on what people may be interested in seeing.

Whitney Wolfe has become a leader in the app world because she is staying abreast of what people are looking for. She has transitioned into other aspects of bumble like Bumble Bizz because she knows that there are a lot of young people that have a need to network through social media. Whitney Wolfe sees the void and she fills it.

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Chris Burch’s Five Star Resort Becomes the World’s Best

Chris Burch is a well-known figure in the business industry. Burch has made a lot of wealth as an entrepreneur, and he has accomplished so much. The serial entrepreneur has also transformed the lives of many upcoming people in business who want to do well, especially in the fashion and technology departments. Burch has worked as an entrepreneur for more than four decades, and this means that he has a lot of expertise. In his career, Burch has started several ventures, and most of them have turned out to be very successful.  Learn more about his diverse investment portfolio, check burchcreativecapital.com.

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Just recently, the businessman decided that it was time to venture into the hotel department. In the year 2012, the successful businessman announced to the world that he would try his luck in the hospitality world. Although this was the first time he was trying, the project has impressed very many people because of its success. Burch purchases a resort that is found in Indonesia. Previously, the facility was known as Nihiwatu, and it is located at the prestigious Sumba Island.

Chris Burch partnered with a close friend to make the special acquisition. First of all, the partners decided that they were going to restore the facility to make it the best. The restoration process took three years, and the island was back to its former glory.The hotel was opened to clients in the year 2015, and it has already won the heart of many people who are looking for an unforgettable experience. The resort also acquired a new name.  Additional article on bjtonline.com.

According to a recent report from the businessman, the Nihiwatu resort has a total of twenty-seven villas that are considered to be very spacious, luxurious and private. Consumers visiting the facility have the opportunity of spending time at the beach and enjoying other sceneries. There are special activities such as horseback riding and fishing. The guests in the resort can get surfing lessons from professionals found in the area.  Read more about the famous resort in this article on businessinsider.com.

The Nihiwatu resort was recently named to be the best in the world. According to a recent report, the resort has some of the best facilities for consumers who come from all walks of life. The businessman used more than thirty million dollars to renovate the facility, and this is one of the reasons the hotel has become so successful. Burch has his own villa in the resort. Whenever he has time, he goes to spend there with his family at the resort.  Hit on crunchbase.com to keep up-to-date with his recent timeline activities.

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A Guide to why Madison Street Capital Are the Best Financial Advisors Today

It is crystal clear that for a firm seeking to get premium financial advice on how to manage its assets or spending its income, then Madison Street Capital is the place of choice. It is graced with the noblest and experienced employees who are well aware of the trending financial gaps and risks, hence, obscuring any setbacks that may befall your firm.

Madison Street Capital offers a variety of services that include credit services, making complex money transactions, and managing of assets in the business. This firm has earned its reputation based on solid and substantial support to popular businesses.

There is a long list of firms that have benefited in various ways from their services. In 2014, Madison Capital made it public that it had aided Vital Care Industries to obtain a loan from a suitable lender at affordable interest rates. Later, the Chief Executive Officer of Vital Care posted on their website offering great gratitude to the Madison firm.

Within a year, Madison Street Capital co-founder was later recognized as one of the elite and successful young entrepreneurs in the field. He would then be handed a 40 Under Forty Award. Later in 2016, Madison firm was named as an M&A Award Finalist. The awards kept on coming for the Madison, firm family.

By January 2017, the firm pocketed another major award, the Turnaround Award. This award marked one of their greatest feats achieved as the firm had to shrug off competition from over 300 more other firms. Charitable donations have also been key to earning Madison Street Capital a solid reputation.

In 2011, there was a weather upset in the Eastern United States of America that caused havoc and damage to both property and lives of innocent Americans. The Madison Firm family donated funds to help in consoling the citizens. The firm also provides funding to Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations. For more information, one can visit PR.com.

Madison Street Capital is an all-inclusive firm. Its objective is to establish a business in all communities across all states in the United States of America. Madison is committed to the needs of its clients and also offers support to nonprofit organizations like the United Way. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. However, Madison Street Capital also has extended wings in North America, Africa, and Asia.

The firm relies on many years of experience to offer diverse financial services such as middle market investment banking. It is this experience that makes the difference and puts Madison Street Capital a cut above the rest. Its employees understand that each situation is to be handled with absolute care to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the services offered to them.

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Drew Madden the Arguably Unique Healthcare IT Expert

Drew Madden is known for his entrepreneurial spirit in Healthcare IT. His interests have solely been on electronic medical records as he navigates towards the optimization and implementation process. He has over ten years of experience with four EPIC certifications: Epic Willow Inpatient, Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation, Epic Inpatient Medication Orders and Epic Inpatient Procedure Orders.

He started off his degree at the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE, Industrial Engineering from 1998-2002. While there, he was a student adviser. He has worked in a number of organizations where he has demonstrated his unique IT skills.

Amazing Career Life

After graduation, He became an integration consultant at Cerner Corporation. Drew worked here for four years (2002-2006), where he was involved in the implementation of Clinical applications in Chicago. It is after Cerner that he joined Healthia Consulting where he became the senior epic consultant. He left Healthia in 2010. He also worked at Ingenix Consulting as their regional sales director where he oversaw the sales of Epic and Allscript practices in the Midwest.

Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew joined Nordic Consulting in 2010 where he became the executive vice president. He later became the president in the same firm. Nordic is based in Madison, Wisconsin and is the world’s largest Epic consulting firm. It was founded in 2010 and has worked with clients from roughly 40 states. In 2012, Nordic was ranked the top and only company by KLAS in Epic Implementation Support.

Drew served as the president up to 2016. Nordic is responsible for the provision of electronic medical record services for healthcare companies and organizations specifically. It mostly focuses on the installation of Epic software.

One of his biggest achievements is that through his leadership, the company grew from 10 to 725 employees. The client partnership also increased from 3 to 150. If the revenue is anything to go by, it increased tremendously from $1 million to $130 million.

Evergreen Healthcare

Madden recently launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners (July 2017) which is based in Madison. This company has four managing partners. It is a healthcare IT firm which offers consultancy services for HCIT applications.

Chris Burch Gives Consumers What They Want While Giving The Less Fortunate What They Need

Chris Burch’s first entrepreneurial endeavor began when he and his brother invested two thousand dollars to found Eagle Eye Apparel. Burch and his brother were undergraduates at Ithaca College when they began selling sweaters door to door. Ultimately Eagle Eye Apparel would be valued at 165 million dollars.  For more reading, hit bjtonline.com.

His experience running Eagle Eye Apparel laid the groundwork for a long and successful business career. Through that enterprise, Chris Burch learned how to formulate a strategy for marketing products directly to the consumer. It also taught him how to find suppliers that utilized the most efficient production methods.

Forty years later Burch’s talents for investment and sourcing coupled with his understanding of how consumers behave has enabled him to have a hand in the success of over 50 businesses. Chris Burch can best be described as an entrepreneurial Renaissance man.   Check his impressive investment portfolio, hop over to burchcreativecapital.com.

His business skill set encompasses an understanding of the finance, hospitality, clothing and technology industries (an incomplete list of his entrepreneurial talents). If you were to narrow Chris Burch’s success down to one factor it would be an inherent understanding of what the buying public wants and how to deliver it.   Read his shared insights in this article on interview.net.

Burch’s current enterprises include teaming with Ellen DeGeneres to launch her clothing line ED. Not to mention his involvement with Poppin, Coccoon9 a builder of high-quality miniature homes and the creation of his own luxury clothing company Tory Burch.

Besides understanding the importance of giving consumers what they want Burch also appreciates the importance of giving them what they least expect. A 27 luxury villa resort called Nihi Sumba Island. Located on an isolated Indonesian Island the Teak Wood and stone villas are designed so as to appear to be part of the landscape. For more about the Indonesian resort, click businessinsider.com,

So far this article has focused on Chris Burch entrepreneur. To create an accurate portrait of Chris Burch a few words must be spent focusing on is humanity. Entire communities and people here and abroad have reaped the benefits of Burch’s business acumen.

A share of the profits from the Nihi Sumba Island resort is given back to the Sumbanese people of Indonesia via the charity Sumba. Sumba works to improve the health of the Sumbanese through improved nutrition. Sumba also provides potable water and offers educational opportunities.

Chris Burch also donates to Mt. Sinai and Langone Hospitals in NYC as well as The Child Welfare League of China and The China Association of Social Work.  For his timeline activity update, check this.

Know his latest innovative offering to the market, visit https://www.inc.com/magazine/201106/chris-burchs-latest-cool-company.html

3 Pieces of Educational Knowledge Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith Shared with the USA

Preston Smith, the co-founder and present CEO of Rocketship Education, has picked up a number of tidbits of pedagogical theory and application in its first ten years of operation. He’s shared several of them with the United States of America, all of which can be intertwined into educators’ efforts.

Teachers are hired to match the diverse backgrounds of Rocketship Education’s facilities, not the other way around. Although it’s great for schools – or any organization, for that matter – to feature diverse groups of employees and associates – students, in Rocketship’s case – Rocketship Education aims to hire teachers from diverse backgrounds before even thinking about diversifying students’ demographics.

Teachers should also visit the homes of students once a year. As Rocketship Education is heavy on individualized learning, it’s beneficial for teachers’ personalized lesson plans to visit their living spaces.

Parents submit regular evaluations of teachers, based on the information their children share with them. Kids tell their parents many things that teachers, administrators, and fellow students aren’t privy to, marking the need for parent feedback.

One of the most unique aspects of Rocketship Education is its reliance on involving parents into their administrative functions. Most schools ignore the power of parents, thinking that only people formally trained in education can provide meaningful input to their systems. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as teachers are screened very well, to the point where many show their disinterest right off the proverbial bat during interviews, helping Rocketship Education’s facilities find the best teachers for the job.

Rocketship Education is also known for implementing personalized learning through technology, dating back to its very first year of operation in a San Jose church in 2007. Co-founder John Danner helped create applications, programs, and softwares for involving technology in individualized lessons. The combination of traditional classroom lectures in which all students are involved, alongside the segregation of students’ learning efforts in the small amount of time allotted towards individualized education, has helped boost students’ test scores higher than a majority of low-income scores across the neighborhoods that Rocketship Education’s locations are found.


A Dozen things you can do as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

In 2001 came the birth of Traveling Vineyard, an Ipswich-based company that equips members with the techniques of organizing an in-house wine tasting party. However, Traveling Vineyard has since fallen into the hands of Richard Libby who has since restructured the enterprise. Today, the brand boasts of having more than five thousand independent representatives that market the corporation and its unique products and services in more ways than one.

Before becoming a member of Traveling Vineyard, it is expected of you to pay up a one-time fee that makes you eligible for training material. After settling the once in a lifetime wine guide fee, you receive a success kit that encompasses reading material, sample accessories, tasting glasses, and ten bottles of tasty wine. It is after you have equipped yourself with the relevant information that you can invite friends and family for the first wine tastings.

In its more than ten years of existence, Traveling Vineyard has made a believer of thousands of people from across the globe. By using its many representatives, the brand has built a reputation that is hard to break. Today, Traveling Vineyard has gained prominence in the region of Napa, encouraging a wine lover like you to visit the place.

However, while in Napa, there are lots of activities, you can engage in other than preparing wine tasting parties. For instance, you can choose to stroll on over the Napa Art Walk. At the facility, you get presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity of visiting the 3-D art exhibition that showcases some of the best sculptures in the world.

Also, Napa offers you with the chance and opportunity of revisiting the history of Napa Valley. While in Napa, you get to learn how the place looked like more than a century ago, what kind of people lived in the area and so on and so forth. Although you are a Traveling Vineyard enthusiast, you can choose to leave the tools of your trade as you enter Napa and experience some of the best olives on earth. It is only in Napa that you happen to find naturally growing olives that have achieved international grade quality.

Besides, you can choose to take a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School. While there, you get to learn how to prepare many mouth-watering dishes using local recipes. If it is an adventure you can looking for, then Napa is the place for you. You can always explore the Robert Stevenson State Park and have a feel of what nature has to offer. At daybreak, you can retire and relax at the Auberge Spa, a convenient spot where you can also arrange a wine tasting party.

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Civil, human and migrant rights groups- Migrants Rights International (MRI)

Human, civil and migrants rights have been on the spot for a long time. There are numerous cases of these rights violations that are recorded every year while still many more go unrecorded. Migration, human rights, and globalization are at the heart of the society today. They have been greatly influenced by economic, social and political events that continue to face the world we live in.

There is one trend that has raised concern in recent years. This is the proliferation of injustices against migrants. This is attributed to restrictive measures being implemented by some governments especially in the most developed countries which bar immigrants from poor nations from accessing their borders. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

This has led to numerous cases where the rights of migrants have been grossly undermined through arrests and detentions.

According to UN statistics, there are millions of people in the world today who live outside of their original places of birth. For every 35 people in the world, one is a migrant. Most migrants are comprised of families, refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers. However, this number could even be so much bigger than this since most migrants are undocumented. So, this is just a rough estimate. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

In many countries, migrants are not considered as full citizens who should be accorded full protection of the law. Most countries label migrants as “illegal”. This worsens the situation for them since they are now open to injustices with no one standing up for their rights. Many governments have continued to make sure that the rights of migrants are treated with the utmost contempt.

It is for these reasons that some groups of people have devoted their time and effort to stand in and fill this gap that has left many migrants in deep problems.

At the center of it all are the human rights groups. There are numerous nongovernmental organizations which are involved in the activities of defending rights of the less privileged in the society such as the migrants. One such organization that is known all over the world is Migrants Rights International (MRI). This is a group that was established in 2000 for the purpose of defending the rights of migrants.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It was as a result of a case where they had taken the state to court for arresting and detaining them against the law. The court of appeal found there to be no reason for their detention and awarded them 3.75 million for compensation.

After this incident, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin committed to using the money to fund human, civil and migrant groups in the state of Arizona.

End Citizens United Succeeds In Fighting Back For Campaign Finance Reform

The United States is currently sitting in a precarious balance. On one hand you have people like James Bopp and the conservative group, Citizens United, working to undermine the legitimacy of the United States government. On the other hand you have Tiffany Muller, the President of the End Citizens United political action committee. Citizens United has worked for decades trying to cut legislation that is meant to keep Washington D.C. honest and beholden to the voters in the United States. Let’s look at where these problems all began and just what it has done to our country.

James Bopp, a mild mannered lawyer, sat before the Federal Exchange Commission in 2008. His goal was to convince the FEC to allow his group, Citizens United, permission to air a piece of propaganda as a real documentary during the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. The film, which we won’t name to prevent publicity, was over an hour of lewd insults and slander directed toward Clinton and it was funded by the Republican party. The presiding FEC Judge Royce Lamberth literally laughed at Bopp’s argument saying, “You can’t compare this to 60 minutes. Did you read this transcript?” And that was that. Until 2010.

Bopp returned once more to the front of the public conversation regarding campaign financing when he appeared before the Supreme Court. This time the year was 2010 and Bopp was focusing on repealing legislation that prevents special interests from taking over the government. Bopp argued that corporations were people and by extension they should be allowed to donate as a part of their ‘freedom of speech’. Somehow the argument held enough water to sway enough judges and soon corporations would flood into Washington D.C. in order to buy off as many politicians as possible.

We’re seven years removed from that ugly decision and the government has never looked worse off. Donald Trump, a whiny reality star, managed to steal the Oval Office by way of hateful rhetoric, corporate money, and potential collusion with a foreign and hostile government. The Republican party has stood by allowing it to happen as it obviously lines up with their goals to de-regulate as much as possible. Despite these grim tidings there is good news in that Tiffany Muller and End Citizens United are getting more and more active trying to bring about change to the political realm.

Tiffany Muller and her PAC are raising money via a grassroots campaign in order to endorse legislators who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform while repealing the 2010 Citizens United decision. Through the beginning of 2017 they have earned over $4 million with the express goal of raising a smooth $35 million by the time 2018 rolls around.

The Business Focus of Lori Senecal

The business world is an extraordinary place, filled with many individuals that work hard to achieve their goals and make them a significant amount of money. Nowadays, there are many women at the helm of many successful businesses. This is a great thing for the business world, as they are being more inclusive and more rewarding. It is proven that women are great leaders and can provide a great atmosphere for their employees. There is one woman that is proven to be one the best business leaders in the business. Her tenacity and strength have made the company she is in charge of, a great success. The woman we are talking about is Lori Senecal. Lori Senegal is the CEO of CP+B. Lori became the Global Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Since Lori Senecal has been at the helm of CP+B, the company has increased revenue by 2.1%. Ad Week claims that her risk-taking has proven successful. Under Lori Senecal, CP+B has secured multiple accounts. These accounts include Kraft Mac and Cheese, Letgo, and NBA 2K.

Lori Senecal has expressed that no two are alike for her. She starts her day with a workout and then she goes into work, where she has meetings with her leadership team. During these meetings, Lori Senegal and her leadership team discuss implementing new ideas, their current clients, ad any other projects they might have in the pipeline.

On her 3% Conference speech, Lori Senecal told her audience that collaboration is an important step in the creative process. She believes that having a series of simple roundtable discussions allows for diverse discussions in the business world. One of her habits that prove to be effective is her ability to focus on execution when it comes to all of her business ideas and projects. This focus is geared towards her own ideas and the discussions between Lori Senecal and her leadership team.