Dr. Jennifer L. Walden’s New Position

Are you generally interested in cosmetic surgery? Have you ever heard of a woman named Jennifer Walden? If you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. Jennifer Walden, M.D., is the owner for one of America’s top cosmetic-surgical centers. This facility is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. Dr. Walden may be one of the most talented female cosmetic surgeons to date. On the other hand, she has definitely pushed the game much further than it once was. In 2018, Dr. Walden made history by being honored as the new Secretary for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. To add a bit of insult to injury, Dr. Walden is only one of a few women to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

While growing-up in the city of Austin, Texas, Walden was known for her athletic ability as she thrived in the sport of soccer. By this point in time, Walden already knew what direction she was destined for as she went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin. During this time, she would attain a B.A. in Biology while graduating with honors. After being waitlisted for some time, she would get a chance to attend this university’s medical school. Walden has achieved a lot of things such as getting an externship at the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. She was able to work with some of the industry’s top personnel, including Dr. James Stuzin and Dr. Tom Baker.

Her extensive knowledge in medical aesthetics has led her to generating even more capital as she does quite a bit of lecturing. Walden is also a spokeswoman for Lumenis, for Thermi Aesthetics and for SmartGraft. All in all. Dr. Walden is leading by example, and she is raising the bar much higher than before.


Better Joint Care & Better Pain Relief is Heal And Soothe

Does your joints crack and ache? Do you ever experience deep pain within your muscles? Are you taking any kind of pain-relief medication to calm the pain? The simple truth of the matter is that prescription medications are some of the most dangerous medication on earth. Yes, they do a great job of blocking intense pain, but they can be highly addictive. With regular use, you could be doing a lot of harm to your body, which could potentially land you in the hospital. One of the better solutions for fighting musculoskeletal pains is by using a natural supplement.


Natural supplements are much safer on the human body than prescription drugs. Heal And Soothe is at the pinnacle of the industry thanks to its brilliant formula.


Living Well Nutraceuticals has done an amazing job of using the right ingredients. This company has a strong resume of excellence thanks to conducting great business. Inflammation is one of the main culprits when it comes to pain. If you’re experiencing some kind of pain, then you must have negatively tweaked your joints or muscles.


Heal And Soothe’s formula goes to work very fast thanks to the large amounts of enzymes that will flow through your system. Users will soon feel a synergistic effect as the enzymes start to get absorbed into the tissue and joints. This is known as systemic-enzyme therapy, and this therapy has been used for over 50 years. That’s right! Systemic Enzyme Therapy is the real deal because it will begin to repair and rejuvenate injured tissue.


As we get older, our bodies can’t produce the same amounts of proteolytic enzymes. Heal And Soothe is a daily supplement and you could be feeding your body high amounts of these vital enzymes. With consistent use, the potential for enjoying a pain-free lifestyle is definitely possible. See Related Link to learn more.


Learn more about How Heal-And-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


Up and coming career of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Eric Forsthoefel, MD., is an emergency medicine specialist based in Tallahassee, FL. After completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. Forsthoefel attended medical school at University of Louisville School of Medicine and went on to complete his intense residency rotation in emergency medicine at Louisiana State University. He has been practicing medicine now for six years in the Florida area and is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and Physician Partners – Emergency Services. His specialty is in emergency medicine and he also holds a subspecialty in general emergency medicine. He can be seen at the emergency department at Tallahassee Memorial or in his private office, which is in close proximity to the hospital’s main campus.

Dr. Forsthoefel handles a variety of emergency cases on a daily basis ranging from sick babies suffering from the cold or flu to advanced aged individuals with high blood pressure or heart conditions. He also treats injuries relating to falls and other types of accidents. Dr. Forsthoefel is known to be detailed oriented and quick to find a diagnosis for his patients helping to alleviate fears and concerns and providing quick treatment. His care for his patients resonates in his calm and to the point bedside manner and overall professional attitude. Providing the best treatment for the many individuals he sees throughout his day is his number one goal and his dedication to finding the best course of treatment ensures that those visiting his E.R. will be on the road to a speedy recovery. His youth and short career do not overshadow the professionalism that he displays while treating every one of his patients.

Dr. Forsthoefel is certified through the American Board of Emergency Medicine and has been licensed in Louisiana since 2013 and in Florida since 2014. His office is located at 1300 Miccosukee Road – Bixler Emergency Center in Tallahassee, FL 32308. For new patient inquiries call: (850) 431-0756.


The Chainsmokers Continue To Dominate Headlines In 2018

On Sunday, May 21st, 2018, The Chainsmokers paid homage to Avicii, who died on 20th April after committing suicide. The pair that was presenting the award for the top Hot 100 song of 2018 to Luis Fonsi said that Avicii had touched the lives of many people in different ways and brought joys in ways they couldn’t fathom. Halsey, their star feature in “closer “was with them on stage and advised the audience to always look over their relatives and friends that might be battling with mental health. She continued by asking the convention to show love, to support and guide the victims of this illness.

The DJ duo dedicated their award for best artists in the dance/electronic category to Avicii saying they owed him gratitude for their success. Andrew, one of the members of Chainsmokers appreciated the “Don’t Wake me up” hitmaker because he had inspirited them to think they could succeed in the pop music industry. Drew finished by mentioning that he hoped Avicii had found peace.Unlike their DJ counterparts, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart write their own music and are striving to move beyond boundaries set by other DJs.

In January this year, they released Sick boy” a song that is a great improvement from their previous compositions. The single hit 136 million views on Youtube with positive reactions from their fans. In February the production pair released “You owe me,” a song that reached the top 5 on the Billboard under hot 100 singles chart. In the same month, they gave their fans another favorite, “Closer” featuring Halsey that has attracted several covers.

In March 2018 they won four iHeartRadio awards and released another bang “Everybody hates me” that had 9 million views in less than a month without a video on Youtube. They have done incredibly well for themselves this year and it can be reflected in their fans responses all over social media. The two have managed to maintain their fans excitement through engaging them on platforms like Twitter and Instagram and have become such a force in the EDM industry.


Heal N Soothe; A combination Of Twelve Natural Ingredients Which Impact Your Life Positvely

In recent years, many people are increasingly embracing herbal treatments to various health issues. In fact, there has been a widespread campaign to educate people on the benefits of organic foods, drugs, and supplements. Subsequently, the number and type of organic products have been on the increase. One of such products is Heal N Soothe, Living Well Nutraceuticals.


Living Well Nutraceuticals is premised on providing natural products that offer unique treatments to various health conditions. It is a desire that pushed the company to come up with Heal N Soothe, which does not include the traditional combination of glucosamine or chondroitin. The product is an illustration of the company’s desire to provide treatments that will not have adverse impacts.


Heal N Soothe works in a manner referred to as systemic enzyme therapy. In essence, this involves inducing natural processes to remedy a particular health problem. The enzymes neutralize the biochemical thus relieving the condition without causing side effects. The approach has gained popularity in various parts of the globe.


An important trait of treatment options conforming to Systemic Enzyme Therapy is the type of ingredients. It is no exception for Heal N Soothe. One notable feature of the product is that it does not contain animal products. Its main components are herbs that are known to have natural medicinal value. The herbs have been used for millennia in different parts of the world. See This Page for related information.


The most common ingredients of Heal N Soothe are Ginger and Turmeric. The two are also used as food additives and have been used to heal various ailments for thousands of years, particularly in the East. Another interesting ingredient is Papain, which is extracted from the unripe fruit of the papaya tree. Besides being an effective meat tenderizer, Papain has been proven to enhance the immune system. Rutin, which is obtained from berries, citrus fruits, and asparagus, is also a key ingredient. It is widely known as an effective antioxidant.


Heal N Soothe also comprises of Mojave Yucca Root, Bromelain (from pineapples), Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract, Serrazimes, and L-Glutathione among others. Heal is thus a combination of effective and safe extracts with clinically proven therapeutic characteristics. Consumers have access to the full menu of the drug’s contents. It allows them to gain an excellent understanding of the product when purchasing.


Heal N Soothe is among the few products in the market that can claim to be a 100% natural supplement. The product is found as capsule pills, which carry a combination of twelve ingredients.


Visit: http://weeklyopinion.com/2018/05/heal-n-soothe-changed-supplement-industry/

Bob Reina: He’s Always Looking To Learn

One of the things that really hits home with people when they talk about Bob Reina is the fact he is always willing to learn. He does not think he has all of the answers and he does not think he has it all figured out. He always has an open mind and he even meets with others to learn more from them on how they run their own companies. Success is something that a lot of people have obtained in life, and if Bob Reina can learn from them, he can apply it to Talk Fusion. Bob Reina is also helpful to them as he talks about what has worked for him with Talk Fusion, the video communications company.


He knows that a lot of CEO’s and founders have a lot of great ideas, and it is up to Bob Reina to absorb that information. When it comes to successful people, they can be in different fields, but the same keys to success apply. It is all about how someone looks at something and how he or she attacks it with the proper outlook. Bob Reina’s outlook is that being positive and giving back is the way to get ahead in business. He’s also a big believer in hard work and having a schedule.


Bob Reina likes to stick to his schedule and he likes to follow through with it. It keeps him on track and it ensures he does not lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is helping people out and being there for them. That is why Bob Reina created the company and it is why he is so passionate about it. Passion is a wonderful thing and it really gets people talking and it really gets people to respond to the company in the proper way. They are not just going to have a lukewarm reaction to it.


There are many Bob Reina speeches online, and it would be very useful for people to listen to them. It shows the man that he is, and it shows how genuine he is and how he speaks directly from the heart. Even though he is the man in charge of Talk Fusion, he does not act like a big shot. He is confident and in command, but he doesn’t show off and he doesn’t look to shove his accomplishments down people’s throats. He simply wants to inspire the world. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


A New Leaf

There’s no hiding the fact that many of the alternative wellness companies in the business of reversing and stanching age-related complications have a sketchy science to back up their claims and even sketchier results to go with them. It’s a mixed bag, but that means there are good companies in the mix as well, and Jeunesse Global represents the greener side of the fence with their thoroughly developed offerings.

Formed on September 9, 2009 at 9 p.m. by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse is entrenched in the noble concept of delivering a product that promotes longevity and healthfulness while training people’s awareness on just how many hazards exist in the environment every day. The results of the company’s finer grasp of the body and what causes breakdown over the years has lead Jeunesse into the direct-sales fast lane, helped along by its multi-level marketing (MLM) foundation that has formed the Jeunesse Family.

To this day, the company continues to hone its Youth Enhancement System to deliver a better product straight from the labs of their research.

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How It Works

The Youth Enhancement System works by buffing the natural armamentarium of the human body with resources that are usually obtained in scarce amounts; these resources are supposedly responsible for the body’s inability to repair itself over the course of a lifetime where continued sedentary living and exposure to harmful conditions results in faster aging. Jeunesse understood that while we certainly live longer these days, we don’t seem to show more life in the years that we have, and this reflects a larger problem on the whole.

By equipping the body with specific nutrients that are delivered across nine categories of youth-enhancing products, you can see blemishes disappear within two minutes, restore your youthful glow and smoothness in the long run, maximize brain function and promote the conversion of fat to muscle with fitness powders that curb your appetite and give you that much-needed workout boost. Also included are immune boosters, sleep aids and daytime lethargy fixes to optimize your daily potential and stay on top of the game.


Chris Burch Talks About How Charities Can Develop A Great Pitch To Attract Donations:

Chris Burch recently gave some important tips charity organizations can use to make their fundraising pitch more persuasive. Finding funding is the main concern of charities. Money has to be raised in order for an organization to be able to support the cause that they believe in strongly. Donations from interested people and organizations are the main source of funding to obtain this kind of donation. Interest must, of course, be generated. Read more, click bjtonline.com.

Many charities find that the best method of getting donation money is to have a great pitch. A great pitch is usually generated through many drafts. You want the message to be just exactly the way you want it. On this issue of a charities pitch for donations, Burch has some tips.

Firstly, make sure to use proper formatting when you write a pitch. The message needs to be in text. Secondly, make sure you are engaging and direct. It is never easy to ask or donations for fundraising but you can’t be too soft on your pitch. Be direct and remember that this is for a good cause. Thirdly, Chris says to make your pitch urgent. A pitch needs to let donors know that their donations are very important in order to be successful. Putting urgent prompts like time limits can urge on potential donators to give their donations. Fourth, you have to make your donors feel like they are invested. You are asking donors to part with some of their money. In order to get them to be enthusiastic about their donation, you need to let them know exactly how this is going to help your charitable cause. Lastly, you have to be open to feedback. Make sure you entertain your donors in a dialogue if they want to talk about possibly donating or want to verify the legitimacy of your charity.

Christopher Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This firm manages venture investments and does brand development as well.

Chris Burch New Interest in Hotel Industry

Chris Burch is one of the top American investors. The businessman has been in the limelight for years now because of his great investment strategies. Burch is the founder of a company that has been offering Americans the expert tips they require so that they can start profitable ventures. In his career life, the businessman has impacted so many successful businesses. This is one of the primary reasons he commands so much respect in the international community. Burch’s career life started so many years ago.

Burch was born in the US many decades ago. His parents knew that their son was going to have a great life because they realized that he was very bright when in school. Burch was always interested in investments even at a young age. Although he knew that he was great in business, the renowned investor had to go to school so that he could improve his skills. The people who taught him in school knew that Burch was a bright boy, and they gave him all the support he needed. While at the university, Burch chose to start his first investment.

With the help of relatives and close friends, Chris Burch collected two thousand dollars to use as capital for his first company. Burch got the assistance of his brother to run the organization because he was still going for his studies. Fortunately, the company managed to perform so well, even with very little capital (bjtonline.com). After a short time, the company was already in the headlines because of the number of profits it was making. Burch decided that he was going to sell the company that had now grown so much so that he could invest in several other institutions. According to the news shared by Burch, the company was worth more than one hundred and sixty-five million dollars by the time it was placed on the market for sale. This company had grown under the guidance of Burch and his brother.

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Chris Burch has always been interested in the hospitality department in the last decades. The businessman turned his dreams into reality just recently when he purchased a hotel that he has renamed as Nihiwatu Resort (nihi.com). When purchasing the institution, Burch wanted to offer consumers high-quality services that are out of this world. The businessman has used so many resources to make Nihiwatu a large and successful resort that has customers from all over the globe.

Equities First Holdings UK Has a Good Performance Record

Equities First Holdings UK help individual investors and businesses to reach goals. A stock-based loans are called no-purpose loans. The no-purpose loan for a business translates to having capability of using funds as they see fit. EFH generates a large share of their revenue with the use of the stock-based loan. A loan is the factor EFH is a leader in the finance sector, and learn more about Equities First.

EFH had its’ beginning in 2013. The expansion from EFH’s office in the United States occurred led to an office opening in the United Kingdom. The expansion happened because of the popularity of the EFH’s services and stock-based loans had with clients. Companies cannot compete with the EFH’s good performance record. Business expansion indicates a good performing business. The people in new markets located in different countries experience what the loans have to offer. EFH is not like any traditional lending companies. The stock used as collateral make EFH unique.

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