Michel Terpins: Tamer of the T-Rex

Michel Terpins has been a name to touch the ears of many people in the Latin community, especially the followers of Brazilian Rally racing. Alongside his brother, Rodrigo, and his navigator, Maykel Justo, Michel has forged a path for himself and his team in the category and established a position in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Rally Country.

Originally in cross country, Terpins has been involved in some form of racing most of his life. He made his rally debut in the motorcycle category of the Sertoes Rally in 2002. After competing in that division for a full season, he then found the art of Prototype racing with the assistance of his brother. In 2015, the Bull Sertões Rally Team was formed by the Terpins brothers and success was inevitable. Terpins navigator, Justo, also a member of the team, had ten years of Rally experience and four titles already under his belt! Although the Terpins brothers consistently compete against each other in separate cars, they tend to place back to back in the majority of races. Recently, Michel has made improvements to his #322 T-Rex, like the addition of the V8 engine, to assist in the handling of rough terrain in the rallies. In these rallies, the cars are just as important to winning as a good driver.

Never forgetting his original racing roots, Michel Terpins was elected to chair the board which oversees the Cross Country Championship. He has made large strides to bring the importance of the sport back to Latin America. During this time, he has assisted in getting more sponsorships and managed to bring in more competitors to a sport that had begun to go dormant.

With a diverse resume of winnings and racing styles, Terpins is making his way to becoming a household name is multiple different genres of the racing community.

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