Information On The Trabuco, An Ancient War Machine

The Trabuco is ancient war machine which is also known as the Balancing Trabuco. This weapon was used during the time of the Middle Ages. Comparable to a catapult, the Trabuco was used as an attack method during the wars of those times.

Trabuco weapon works through the transference of energy and had the sole purpose of being able to launch shots over a wall or to knock the wall down. The Trabuco’s make up included wood, the motor, a sling, and strings. This weapon was made to be an improvement of the original weapons of its kind with the focus of moving significantly more weight and to be more beneficial. Working similarly to a lever, a counterweight is used to cast off a projectile. When the counter weight is taken from the arm, it transfers the energy of that weight and sends the projectile flying.


The Trabuco’s projectile was able to be thrown over two thousand feet depending on the weight of the projectile according to A projectile weighing close one hundred and forty pounds could be thrown approximately three hundred feet. How fast the projectile traveled toward the opponent was dependent upon the size of the counterweight. In those days, the soldiers would use anything as a projectile including the corpse of falling soldiers and animals. The most common projectile were boulders.

In recent years, individuals have begin to construct more modern versions of the ancient weapon starting with one noted to have been built in the year 1984 according to In the recent builds of the weapon, the improvements have been focused on making the more efficient. Though the Trabuco has been said to have been used in a recent war, they can mostly be found in castles, museums, and in science classrooms.

The Trabuco was a popular weapon in the wars during the Middle Ages. It was easy to construct and was able even easier to use. It had many faults and was not considered the most dependable of weapons. The weapon was continued to be used throughout those wars.

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