Adam Milstein and Wife Gila Are Helping More People Know About Their Jewish Heritage Through Programs They Support

Community leader and real estate mogul, Adam Milstein has spent much of his life as an active philanthropist. Founder and President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has helped Adam Milstein to be a name that the State of Israel are familiar with as well as the community of Jewish people.

The native of Isreal, he served his people during the Yom Kippur War and when it was done, he went on to study at Technion. He graduated it 1978 and left to the United States in 1981. He has earned his masters from the University of Southern California and has since become a staple in the commercial real estate business. Currently he is managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, where he is focused on private commercial investments that manage and own several million sq. feet of industrial and commercial space through out America.

Adam Milstein has helped to establish the Israeli-American Council. He is the co-founder of the board and sits there with a number of organizations which help to bring the Jewish community the knowledge they need to know in order to know about their heritage.

Adam Milstein and wife are living in the Encino, California area and love to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

One of the programs that Adam Milstein and wife help support in the Jewish community is the IAC BINA. This program will connect the Israeli American young professionals who are in their 20s and 30s by giving them the encouragement they need in order to be a part of the thought provoking intellectual discussions that will bring strength and order to the State of Israel.

Another program that Adam Milstein and family support is the IAC Shishi Israeli Shabbat traditions. During the Shabbat dinner, the group focuses on the educational activities and sing alongs to raise their awareness of what Shabbat is. The Jewish heritage and traditions are brought out during the celebration where the community and family festivals are taught to the families of the Jewish community. They focus on the programs during the entire year and work to raise awareness during the year to those who might not otherwise know anything about

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