Nathaniel Ru’s Idea of a Restaurant

What would a restaurant look like if its owners wanted to do everything from scratch? That’s a nearly impossible question to answer considering most restaurant owners follow some sort of pre-advised path. If a legacy restaurant did start from scratch, they’d probably look like Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen might not be a name that everyone knows, but it’s quickly growing in favor. Some of the most prominent investors in the industry are backing the company, including Steve Case, and Danny Meyer. Sweetgreen is the first salad chain of its kind, using only the freshest, healthiest, locally grown organic ingredients.

Like all new companies, Sweetgreen embraces technology and all the benefits that come with it. If used properly, technology can grow any company exponentially.

The company’s co-CEOs began tech pioneers at Georgetown University, so implementing tech into their restaurant’s operations was a piece of cake. According to Nathaniel Ru, one of the CEOs, technology’s played a huge part in their success. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The other half of their success is thanks to their genius approach to management. Most companies follow the corporate path laid out by numerous companies before them. Sweetgreen believes in staying connected to their customers by having office workers also work in their restaurants from time to time. Read more: Nathaniel Ru |

That management strategy paid off big time. The co-founders also don’t believe in corporate headquarters. It’s their way of decentralizing management and broadening their capabilities. The three CEOs focus their efforts of creating management synergy, something they learned in their entrepreneurship class together.

The more obvious key to their success is filling a void in the Georgetown area restaurant community. At the time, there were no healthy options when it came to food. So, in 2007, they created Sweetgreen near the college. It became an immediate success, even lasting through winter break.

Honestly, the CEOs made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, as all entrepreneurs do. The biggest one for them was not knowing when to delegate responsibilities. In the beginning, it’s just them doing everything. Working that hard in for so long is a tough habit to break, but they found a way.

Now, Sweetgreen is enjoying the fame of the people. It’s the most popular salad chain in the country and it’s adding more locations. People seem excited about having healthier food options.

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