3 Pieces of Educational Knowledge Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith Shared with the USA

Preston Smith, the co-founder and present CEO of Rocketship Education, has picked up a number of tidbits of pedagogical theory and application in its first ten years of operation. He’s shared several of them with the United States of America, all of which can be intertwined into educators’ efforts.

Teachers are hired to match the diverse backgrounds of Rocketship Education’s facilities, not the other way around. Although it’s great for schools – or any organization, for that matter – to feature diverse groups of employees and associates – students, in Rocketship’s case – Rocketship Education aims to hire teachers from diverse backgrounds before even thinking about diversifying students’ demographics.

Teachers should also visit the homes of students once a year. As Rocketship Education is heavy on individualized learning, it’s beneficial for teachers’ personalized lesson plans to visit their living spaces.

Parents submit regular evaluations of teachers, based on the information their children share with them. Kids tell their parents many things that teachers, administrators, and fellow students aren’t privy to, marking the need for parent feedback.

One of the most unique aspects of Rocketship Education is its reliance on involving parents into their administrative functions. Most schools ignore the power of parents, thinking that only people formally trained in education can provide meaningful input to their systems. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as teachers are screened very well, to the point where many show their disinterest right off the proverbial bat during interviews, helping Rocketship Education’s facilities find the best teachers for the job.

Rocketship Education is also known for implementing personalized learning through technology, dating back to its very first year of operation in a San Jose church in 2007. Co-founder John Danner helped create applications, programs, and softwares for involving technology in individualized lessons. The combination of traditional classroom lectures in which all students are involved, alongside the segregation of students’ learning efforts in the small amount of time allotted towards individualized education, has helped boost students’ test scores higher than a majority of low-income scores across the neighborhoods that Rocketship Education’s locations are found.


A Dozen things you can do as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

In 2001 came the birth of Traveling Vineyard, an Ipswich-based company that equips members with the techniques of organizing an in-house wine tasting party. However, Traveling Vineyard has since fallen into the hands of Richard Libby who has since restructured the enterprise. Today, the brand boasts of having more than five thousand independent representatives that market the corporation and its unique products and services in more ways than one.

Before becoming a member of Traveling Vineyard, it is expected of you to pay up a one-time fee that makes you eligible for training material. After settling the once in a lifetime wine guide fee, you receive a success kit that encompasses reading material, sample accessories, tasting glasses, and ten bottles of tasty wine. It is after you have equipped yourself with the relevant information that you can invite friends and family for the first wine tastings.

In its more than ten years of existence, Traveling Vineyard has made a believer of thousands of people from across the globe. By using its many representatives, the brand has built a reputation that is hard to break. Today, Traveling Vineyard has gained prominence in the region of Napa, encouraging a wine lover like you to visit the place.

However, while in Napa, there are lots of activities, you can engage in other than preparing wine tasting parties. For instance, you can choose to stroll on over the Napa Art Walk. At the facility, you get presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity of visiting the 3-D art exhibition that showcases some of the best sculptures in the world.

Also, Napa offers you with the chance and opportunity of revisiting the history of Napa Valley. While in Napa, you get to learn how the place looked like more than a century ago, what kind of people lived in the area and so on and so forth. Although you are a Traveling Vineyard enthusiast, you can choose to leave the tools of your trade as you enter Napa and experience some of the best olives on earth. It is only in Napa that you happen to find naturally growing olives that have achieved international grade quality.

Besides, you can choose to take a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School. While there, you get to learn how to prepare many mouth-watering dishes using local recipes. If it is an adventure you can looking for, then Napa is the place for you. You can always explore the Robert Stevenson State Park and have a feel of what nature has to offer. At daybreak, you can retire and relax at the Auberge Spa, a convenient spot where you can also arrange a wine tasting party.

To know more visit @: www.bbc.com/capital/story/20150119-get-rich-selling-wine-to-friends

Civil, human and migrant rights groups- Migrants Rights International (MRI)

Human, civil and migrants rights have been on the spot for a long time. There are numerous cases of these rights violations that are recorded every year while still many more go unrecorded. Migration, human rights, and globalization are at the heart of the society today. They have been greatly influenced by economic, social and political events that continue to face the world we live in.

There is one trend that has raised concern in recent years. This is the proliferation of injustices against migrants. This is attributed to restrictive measures being implemented by some governments especially in the most developed countries which bar immigrants from poor nations from accessing their borders. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

This has led to numerous cases where the rights of migrants have been grossly undermined through arrests and detentions.

According to UN statistics, there are millions of people in the world today who live outside of their original places of birth. For every 35 people in the world, one is a migrant. Most migrants are comprised of families, refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers. However, this number could even be so much bigger than this since most migrants are undocumented. So, this is just a rough estimate. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

In many countries, migrants are not considered as full citizens who should be accorded full protection of the law. Most countries label migrants as “illegal”. This worsens the situation for them since they are now open to injustices with no one standing up for their rights. Many governments have continued to make sure that the rights of migrants are treated with the utmost contempt.

It is for these reasons that some groups of people have devoted their time and effort to stand in and fill this gap that has left many migrants in deep problems.

At the center of it all are the human rights groups. There are numerous nongovernmental organizations which are involved in the activities of defending rights of the less privileged in the society such as the migrants. One such organization that is known all over the world is Migrants Rights International (MRI). This is a group that was established in 2000 for the purpose of defending the rights of migrants.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It was as a result of a case where they had taken the state to court for arresting and detaining them against the law. The court of appeal found there to be no reason for their detention and awarded them 3.75 million for compensation.

After this incident, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin committed to using the money to fund human, civil and migrant groups in the state of Arizona.

End Citizens United Succeeds In Fighting Back For Campaign Finance Reform

The United States is currently sitting in a precarious balance. On one hand you have people like James Bopp and the conservative group, Citizens United, working to undermine the legitimacy of the United States government. On the other hand you have Tiffany Muller, the President of the End Citizens United political action committee. Citizens United has worked for decades trying to cut legislation that is meant to keep Washington D.C. honest and beholden to the voters in the United States. Let’s look at where these problems all began and just what it has done to our country.

James Bopp, a mild mannered lawyer, sat before the Federal Exchange Commission in 2008. His goal was to convince the FEC to allow his group, Citizens United, permission to air a piece of propaganda as a real documentary during the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. The film, which we won’t name to prevent publicity, was over an hour of lewd insults and slander directed toward Clinton and it was funded by the Republican party. The presiding FEC Judge Royce Lamberth literally laughed at Bopp’s argument saying, “You can’t compare this to 60 minutes. Did you read this transcript?” And that was that. Until 2010.

Bopp returned once more to the front of the public conversation regarding campaign financing when he appeared before the Supreme Court. This time the year was 2010 and Bopp was focusing on repealing legislation that prevents special interests from taking over the government. Bopp argued that corporations were people and by extension they should be allowed to donate as a part of their ‘freedom of speech’. Somehow the argument held enough water to sway enough judges and soon corporations would flood into Washington D.C. in order to buy off as many politicians as possible.

We’re seven years removed from that ugly decision and the government has never looked worse off. Donald Trump, a whiny reality star, managed to steal the Oval Office by way of hateful rhetoric, corporate money, and potential collusion with a foreign and hostile government. The Republican party has stood by allowing it to happen as it obviously lines up with their goals to de-regulate as much as possible. Despite these grim tidings there is good news in that Tiffany Muller and End Citizens United are getting more and more active trying to bring about change to the political realm.

Tiffany Muller and her PAC are raising money via a grassroots campaign in order to endorse legislators who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform while repealing the 2010 Citizens United decision. Through the beginning of 2017 they have earned over $4 million with the express goal of raising a smooth $35 million by the time 2018 rolls around.

The Business Focus of Lori Senecal

The business world is an extraordinary place, filled with many individuals that work hard to achieve their goals and make them a significant amount of money. Nowadays, there are many women at the helm of many successful businesses. This is a great thing for the business world, as they are being more inclusive and more rewarding. It is proven that women are great leaders and can provide a great atmosphere for their employees. There is one woman that is proven to be one the best business leaders in the business. Her tenacity and strength have made the company she is in charge of, a great success. The woman we are talking about is Lori Senecal. Lori Senegal is the CEO of CP+B. Lori became the Global Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Since Lori Senecal has been at the helm of CP+B, the company has increased revenue by 2.1%. Ad Week claims that her risk-taking has proven successful. Under Lori Senecal, CP+B has secured multiple accounts. These accounts include Kraft Mac and Cheese, Letgo, and NBA 2K.

Lori Senecal has expressed that no two are alike for her. She starts her day with a workout and then she goes into work, where she has meetings with her leadership team. During these meetings, Lori Senegal and her leadership team discuss implementing new ideas, their current clients, ad any other projects they might have in the pipeline.

On her 3% Conference speech, Lori Senecal told her audience that collaboration is an important step in the creative process. She believes that having a series of simple roundtable discussions allows for diverse discussions in the business world. One of her habits that prove to be effective is her ability to focus on execution when it comes to all of her business ideas and projects. This focus is geared towards her own ideas and the discussions between Lori Senecal and her leadership team.


Nathaniel Ru’s Idea of a Restaurant

What would a restaurant look like if its owners wanted to do everything from scratch? That’s a nearly impossible question to answer considering most restaurant owners follow some sort of pre-advised path. If a legacy restaurant did start from scratch, they’d probably look like Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen might not be a name that everyone knows, but it’s quickly growing in favor. Some of the most prominent investors in the industry are backing the company, including Steve Case, and Danny Meyer. Sweetgreen is the first salad chain of its kind, using only the freshest, healthiest, locally grown organic ingredients.

Like all new companies, Sweetgreen embraces technology and all the benefits that come with it. If used properly, technology can grow any company exponentially.

The company’s co-CEOs began tech pioneers at Georgetown University, so implementing tech into their restaurant’s operations was a piece of cake. According to Nathaniel Ru, one of the CEOs, technology’s played a huge part in their success. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: https://twitter.com/nathanielru

The other half of their success is thanks to their genius approach to management. Most companies follow the corporate path laid out by numerous companies before them. Sweetgreen believes in staying connected to their customers by having office workers also work in their restaurants from time to time. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | About.me

That management strategy paid off big time. The co-founders also don’t believe in corporate headquarters. It’s their way of decentralizing management and broadening their capabilities. The three CEOs focus their efforts of creating management synergy, something they learned in their entrepreneurship class together.

The more obvious key to their success is filling a void in the Georgetown area restaurant community. At the time, there were no healthy options when it came to food. So, in 2007, they created Sweetgreen near the college. It became an immediate success, even lasting through winter break.

Honestly, the CEOs made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, as all entrepreneurs do. The biggest one for them was not knowing when to delegate responsibilities. In the beginning, it’s just them doing everything. Working that hard in for so long is a tough habit to break, but they found a way.

Now, Sweetgreen is enjoying the fame of the people. It’s the most popular salad chain in the country and it’s adding more locations. People seem excited about having healthier food options.

Logan Stout – CEO and Founder of IDLife, LLC

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur, leadership trainer, philanthropist, keynote speaker, business owner, and a best-selling author. He earned himself revenue worth billions of dollars throughout his profession. His integrity and track record on team building, leadership, and triumphant principles not only continue to take lead in his present business ventures but also make him a worldwide after-sought public speaker.

Stout’s ventures are recently focused on the field of health and wellness. He currently serves at IDLife, LLC as company’s Chief Executive Officer. He also the founder of the company. Since the company’s establishment in May 2004, it has exponentially expanded with partners including billionaire Darwin Deason, Jen Widerstrom, a celebrity trainer, and Troy Aikman. Moreover, the company has also partnered with fitness ambassadors and authors who are nationally recognized on a journey to teach the society on the significance of health and wellness. Also, IDLife, LLC provides people with national products that are of highest quality. The firm was named globally as one of the 100 Solid Top Multi-level companies in 2016.

Logan Stout has also partnered with John C. Maxwell, Inc. Magazine’s “Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World”, and motivational speakers around the world, to bring personal growth training and leadership to all 196 countries operating in the world. Logan also established the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. He also serves at the company as the Chief Executive Officer, where he is mainly concerned with leading and mentoring the youth. Dallas Patriots baseball organization is currently one of the leading providers of coaches, mentors, training experts, and world-class instructors to teams aged between six to eighteen years old around in the world.

Logan frequently makes appearances at live events, on radio, and television. He has been made a star in a number of publications such as The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazine, and various live media and print outlets. The Philadelphia Life Magazine named Logan Stout as the “Man of the Year”. Logan has also made appearances on FOX, The Fan, CBS Radio, and The Ticket.

Logan Stout together with Haley, his wife, live in Frisco, Texas. They have two sons and are both patrons and honorary leads of the American Heart Association based in North Texas and the Boys and Girls Club based in Collin County. Moreover, they are active philanthropists. They demonstrated their charitable acts by establishing Youth Athletes Foundation and other non-profit organizations.

IDLife Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPqdr4WK-ig

ClassDojo: The App That Gives Parents a Window to the Classroom

ClassDojo is a new, easy, and exciting resource application to keep parent’s in the loop of what’s going on in their child’s classroom. It can even inform them, and remind them of important school events, like school plays, graduation etc. Most of all, it allows parents to communicate with the teacher fast and efficiently.

For many years, parents have always been worried about their children in the classroom while the parent is working hard on their job to earn a living for the family. In the past, parents have had to take off work in the middle of the day to go to the school to solve a mere issue that could have been solved by a communication application. This application is finally available. ClassDojo allows the parent to see what is going on in the classroom in real time if needed. This saves the parent time, gas, and money.

In addition, parents have always wondered how their child was progressing in learning daily, rather than having to wait weeks to see. Now with ClassDojo, parents can see the daily learning progress of their child. Therefore, if there is a problem with a subject, or behavior, the misbehaving can be corrected immediately that day by the parent. The parent does not have to visit the school to solve the issue.

Safety has recently become a concern for parents about school settings due to attacks on schools. Now parents can receive immediate alerts from the teacher, if something is not right at the school. With the ClassDojo App, now parents can have a sense of relief, because they know that they have instant communication with the teacher and their child.

A Classroom Experience For All To Share

Here is an app that every school teacher should look into, it’s called ClassDojo. This trusty app continues to amaze students and teachers alike. With ClassDojo on hand, communication within school, peer-to-peer, or to home is not a problem and that is simply the main purpose of this educational app, to increase ideas and communication within the school to your home. Parents, teachers and students can share videos, photos and instant messages throughout the school day. This app give each student who partakes in it a voice. The students can post their classwork on their digital portfolios and update it daily. The student’s parents can log on the app to see their child’s progression at anytime during the day. Teachers can give their student positive feedbacks or “+1’s” to let them know they are getting on the right track. Such as, a shy student participating in class or witnessing a student showing extreme acts of kindness during school.

ClassDojo gives each student and teacher an equal opportunity to share, bring the best ideas to the table and create a perfectly ideal classroom. The app is to be used as a team, to share the classroom experience with loved ones so nothing is left in air. The educational app is supported by many popular devices and is 100 percent free to download. One feature this app has is called “Stories” that is divided in three main sections: Student Stories, Class Story and School Story. Depending on the Story, they all have a main goal of connecting in real time with everyone relative to that specific classroom. Supported worldwide, ClassDojo has over 35 built in languages along with translations and is used in over 180 countries. Classdojo is also currently being used in about 90% of US K-8 public and private schools.

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