Chris Burch: Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur does not happen overnight. It can take years, even decades to achieve the level of success a person desires. Many entrepreneurs and business people have many failed businesses and startups until one hits and it is works. Ideamensch recently sat down to interview successful entrepreneur Chris Burch. He gives a little sneak peak into his daily life and gives a few tips on how he achieved success.

Chris Burch has been in the business for nearly forty years. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has helped brands like Tory Burch, Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and Poppin and Voss Water reach their current levels of success. Check for additional article.  Chris has an avid interest in hospitality. In 2012 he bought and renovated a luxury resort on the Indonesian Island called Nihiwatu. Travel + Leisure Magazine named the resort number one in the world in 2016. Chris Burch has also partnered with a Hollywood star and long running daytime host Ellen DeGeneres. He helped launch her own lifestyle brand called ED by Ellen hit he believes and admires her. Chris Burch also admires a real estate developer and good friend Steve Ross. He understand business, is a creative thinker, and has a passion for live. He embraces any challenge no matter what size it is.  For a glimpse of Burch timeline activities, hit on

From his own experience he believes listening is key to success and has served him very well. It is also very important to surrounded by good people. He has no regrets by would tell his younger self to be confident in his choices and live his dreams. Life is short. You also have to take many risks as an entrepreneur. You most likely will have many failures, but will not have success unless you try. All of his failures is what got Chris Burch to his level of success today and is grateful for it.

In 2014 he launched Cocoon9, luxury prefabricated homes that would appeal to tiny home lovers enthusiasts and have an eye for modern architecture. They feature contemporary interior design, sophisticated finishes, energy efficient features, and space-saving floor plans.  For an extensive related reading, check

What kind of software and technology does he use? He uses a lot of gadgets and software, but he uses his iPad the most. Listening to a lot of audio books and podcasts is also one of his interests and recommends everyone reads “BOLD” by Peter Diamandis.  For more news about his investments, head over to this.

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