The Educational Life of Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Academy Charters schools, the most successful such school New York City. Moskowitz was raised in New York and brought up in its schools. It was during these formative years that she began to recognize the educational system had to change. But prior to her career as a school founder and CEO, Moskowitz earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and then Hopkins University. Girded with a Ph.D. In American History, she taught history and civics at Prep for Prep.


At this time, she also served on the city council in order to instigate educational reform. To this end, as a member of this council, she served as the chair of its Education Committee. But after much seeking after reform, Moskowitz decided she was getting nowhere this way. That is when she stuck on her own and founded her first of these schools in Harlem in 2006. This first school began with 126 students. She instituted with the vision of providing optimum education for students who’s parents wouldn’t be able to enroll them for whatever.



She has since broadened her scope schools than have a total enrollment of 11,000 students. And this number just keeps on growing. The original school in Harlem has done so well academically that in 2012 it was selected as a National Blue Ribbon School, one of only 219 throughout the country to garner such an honor. Half of the top ten school’s in the state are Academy schools. All of her schools continue to focus on low-income students.


In addition to all of the usual academic courses, there is chess, skill preparation training, public speaking, and debate. This last is particularly successful, with hundreds of their students competing at local and national level every year. Their math teams are also popular and successful, with 30% of their students on a math team.

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