The Driving Force behind Chris Burch Success

Chris Burch is a seasoned entrepreneur with a vast interest in fields ranging from technology, real estate, and fashion. He has diversified his investment field and is now focusing on the hospitality industry with the aim of maximizing on the available opportunities. He partnered with James McBride and bought a hostel on the Indonesian island in 2002. The hostel located on the beach coast is valued at over $30 million. They concentrated in refurbishing the hostel to give it a new look by converting it into a resort. The resort was renamed Nihiwatu and officially opened in 2015 thus became one of the leading resort centers in Indonesia. During an interview with the Business Jet Travelers, he opens up saying that he bought the place because of his children. He wanted a calm place where he would spend time away from the norm of life. As such, Indonesia Island was the perfect place to build a resort that has turned up to be a success. Chris Burch has a busy schedule because he has to spend most of his time traversing the businesses located in Hamptons, Miami, and Indonesia. Nihiwatu is fully equipped to handle any number of visitors with over 27 private villas and private pools.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company is an accurate reflection of his entrepreneurial skills in developing consumer brands that impact positively on the masses. Burch Creative Capital has a list of brands under its name including DeGeneres, Cocoon9, TRADEMARK and Poppin. Chris Burch has over 40 years’ experience in the business development and has contributed towards the establishment of over 50 companies globally, More of this on   His driven by the urge of understanding a particular market and knowing the need of the consumer before making a brand that will leave a lasting impression on customers.   Hop over to this important site.

Burch Creative Capital supports organic food, home furnishing, hospitality, and technology. The success story of Chris Burch coils around how you manage the concept of creativity, for more of Burch, visit For instance, he puts more emphasis on allocating brainstorming and production time. Here, it is easy to blend both creativity and productivity that minimizes time wastage. Another encouraging story of Chris Burch is taking notes of ideas as they come to your mind. Through this initiative, it is easy to grab any idea that might be floating from employees and members of the organization during the discussion. Chris Burch has continued to receive a lot of media coverage in the recent years. Check for an interesting article.

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