Adam Goldenberg Uses His Creativity to Keep TechStyle in the Lime Light

Adam Goldenberg is co-CEO of JustFab, whose name just changed to TechStyle. He had had a whirlwind career, since he started out his Gamers Alliance network in 1997. He sold the company to Intermix Media in 1999. In 2006, he started Intelligent Beauty, a company that sells health and wellness, as well as fashion and beauty products online. The company is based in Manhattan Beach, California. In 2010, he co-founded JustFab.

During 2014 JustFab raised $55 million in funding. They recently purchased ShoeDazzle. JustFab sells products in five countries in addition to the U.S. Adam Goldenberg claims that he maintains a nimble approach to running his businesses which allows him to see things that are changing quickly. He claims that one of the reasons for JustFab’s major success is that the company and its employees are passionate about what they do.

Recently, JustFab Inc, owner of Fabletics, FabKids, JustFab, and Shoe Dazzle, changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Goldenberg, says that in the beginning the name JustFab fit the company’s style of delivering quality fashions at great prices at Now, however, the company has changed into a powerful brand builder and they feel that the new name more accurately portrays what the company is about now.

The company now is ramping up customer service and is giving people an easy out, to get out of their membership on The company is expected to make around $650 million this year. Currently Adam serves as CEO of TechStyle, and handles data, marketing and internal systems.

Adam Goldenberg attributes his success with TechStyle to the fact that the company has stayed true to its vision. Along the way there were temptations to follow other online retailers into various new trends that may or may not have worked. Instead to pivoting and following trends, just sticking to their original path, is what allowed the company to reach such success.

Adam believes that focusing on what you are selling instead of how you sell is a key to success at He says that online customers come back over and over again because of the quality and pricing of a product. He claims that the fashion industry is constantly changing, so keeping up with it is another key to success. JustFab continually works at creating is brands online.

George Street Wedding Venues in Tucson, Arizona

The George Street Photo and Video company got its start on George Street in a small town in the midwest. Three photographer friends started a nationwide network of photographers and videographers, so information and business ideas could be shared. Know more about George Street Photo and Video Address.

For example, some of the shared information is the availability of professional photo and video people in all areas, such Tucson, AZ. The Hacienda del Sol is nestled in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, offering a breathtaking scenic view. The entire ranch setting and the guest rooms all reflect the fantastic scenery and the first class amenities that will many any ceremony a lasting and memorable event.

For an unforgettable wedding experience, the Saguaro Buttes, situated just two miles south of the entrance of the Saguaro National Monument, choose this location. The facilities are breathtaking and the pictorial opportunities are endless, and explosive in what is available as backdrops. There is no better scenery or level of service anywhere in the state than Saguaro Buttes.

Arthur Becker’s Interests in the Technology and Real Estate Industries

Arthur Becker is a revered entrepreneur. Over the years, he has invested in the technology and real estate industries. Becker has worked for different companies, including Zinio and NaviSite. Under his leadership, Zinio ranked as the largest digital magazine distributor in the globe. In addition, NaviSite provided different companies with innovative colocation, hosting and internet technology services. Arthur Becker played a pivotal role in ensuring that they offer data hosting and cloud-based services to the enterprise market. The executive served as a senior adviser to a renowned fashion company, Vera Wang. Arthur started investing in different industries after Time Warner purchased NaviSite in 2011.

During an interview with Ideamensch, Becker asserted that the idea behind Madison Partners was inspired by his love for investing in the lucrative real estate market and evolving technology industries. Presently, he is the managing member of the corporation. He owns condominium developments in Miami, Florida, and New York City. The executive posits that he does not have conference calls or meetings, thus having flexible days. Becker is almost completing the construction of different Town Houses in New York City. He is also planning to construct small residential buildings in Tribeca. The entrepreneur is intrigued by various trends in bio tech, especially in cancer research and treatment. Although Becker is not a medical doctor, he has been exposed to various bio tech companies where he has developed interest for different technologies.

Arthur posits that his biggest challenge has been to strike a balance between passion and critical thinking. He says that most startups do not know how to deal with issues of vision, passion to engage, leadership, unrelenting drive and adjusting the vision and strategy. He acknowledges that he has failed severally. This way, he is well positioned to engage in different businesses without repeating the same mistakes. Arthur contends that in successful companies, the management must work with all stakeholders. His success lies in evaluating and assisting in developing management talent. See also.

He contends that talent plays a crucial role in enhancing the success of a company. To this end, strategy should reflect the vision and mission of a business. Arthur posits that people should identify talent and persuade talented individuals to believe in their vision. This way, one will be able to run his or her business as a going concern.


Expansion Eyed For Bruce Levenson’s “Do Good Institute”

The “Do Good Institute” has become a major success for the University of Maryland and the man who has done more than most to put the school of the map, Bruce Levenson. A major name in philanthropic circles, Bruce Levenson believes the “Do Good Institute” is showing just how involved students and members of the campus community wish to be in philanthropic efforts and hopes to take the model for the institute to other college campuses in a bid to develop the next generation of members of the not for profit community.

Bruce Levenson ( is not only looking to take the model for learning about philanthropy and not for profit leadership across the U.S., but he hopes to make sure on campus learning once again aids the development of a successful community at the University of Maryland. Levenson is a well-known technology developer and feels the growth of Online learning has proven a success yet feels the leadership required to become an important member of the not for profit community must be experienced on campus for the greatest level of impact for the future.

Business leadership should play an important part in the education and career of any individual looking to make a difference in the not for profit community, which is an aspect of the life of Bruce Levenson that has marked him out as a success. According to ESPN, as the leader of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment consortium Bruce Levenson led the NBA franchise from the bottom of the standings to the number one seed over the course of his decade in charge. Success has also been found in his career as the founder of UCG alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz that has seen the real time industrial information provider develop from a single newsletter for the oil industry in 1977 into a global communications leader in the 21st century.



USHEALTH group of companies through its licensed life and health insurance companies offers a broad range of insurance covers. Some of the insurance covers include specified disease and sickness, accident, critical illness, dental, life and short-term disability due to the crash. The group is based in Texas and has got sales representatives and marketing agents in different regions in America.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

There is an offer for various income levels of individual families. USHEALTH provides innovative health coverage to suit individual family’s needs. During any time of the year, one can provide insurance coverage for the family needs. Unlike other companies, one does not pay any additional charges in case an additional cover is required after the first subscription. There is no underwriting required. The family health coverage provides medical treatment but does not cover non-medical expenses. Click here to know more.


It is committed to providing unparallel services to the client’s base. Therefore, through entering the zip code number one can easily get the required health care provider in a given radius. The portfolio coverage rests on the customer’s tailor made needs that the insurance provider gives.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

Apart from the family insurance cover provided, there are plenty of medical covers that one can get as an individual. Through its subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Life Foundation Trust, millions of people get tailor made covers to suit their needs. Employees and small business organizations can get the insurance covers.

USHEALTH believes that each is unique and no plan can fit all types of people. As such, the covers are developed by one’s income and needs. Despite the customer’s choice of the insurance cover, USHEALTH group provides an array of services such as specified disease and sickness, accident, critical illness, dental, life and short-term disability due to the crash.

The marketing agents who sell the insurance covers and the health providers provide a one on one basis in which the customer engages with them. USHEALTH group inc. Has got a worldwide support system coupled with an online presence in the social media platforms for meeting the clientele specifications.


Jason Hope Online Business

Do you want to get started as a business owner? A lot of people have the dream but do not have the capital that is needed to change their current situation. The great thing about business online is that it does not require a lot of capital to get started.

Instead, you can start investing and building wealth for the future with very little money at all. Jason Hope has a lot of experience in this area, and he is willing to share his knowledge if you want to learn from him in business. Starting an online business is a little different than starting a typical business, but a lot of the core principles remain the same.

Jason Hope

When Jason Hope first started out in the world of business, he wanted to make a major impact in the lives of other people. There are a lot of people who are excited about what the future holds in life. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can help other with there life and and career. Over time, Jason Hope knows that you can have success in an online scene in business.

Next Steps

If you want to start a company online, you need to have a plan that makes sense for the future. A lot of people today struggle with how to plan out their future growth. Jason Hope can help you in this area, and with any other questions that you have in this part of the process.

For more information about Jason Hope, just click here.