Eric Pulier World Changing Ventures

Eric Pulier has various career roles. He is a philanthropist, technologist, a published author, columnist, public speaker and an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier has reestablished about fifteen companies. Some of the companies he founded US Interactive, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Akana, Service Mesh, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership and Desktone. Besides being a founder, Eric has also made investments in a variety of businesses and charities.

Eric is from Teaneck, New Jersey. Early on in his life, Eric showed signs of being business minded. In high school, he had a database computer company. After moving to Los Angeles in 1991 he created a company called People Doing Things. The company’s main focus was on education, healthcare, etc. They addressed these issues by using technological help. Eric is the proud father of four beautiful children and is very present in their lives.

As a philanthropist, Eric Pulier has used technology to help children who are physically impaired and for poor communities. He helped people with Multiple Sclerosis by creating a multimedia educational program that educates them on the disease they have. The ACE Foundation is committed to using and modifying software to help with the challenges humanity faces. Eric Plier is the foundation’s founding donor. He is also a financial donor to the “Campaign for Free Tuition” program. The Xprize Foundation is also a charitable organization that Eric has made financial donations to. The goal of Xprize is to have public competitions that helps bring and inspire technological development that will help all people.

Eric took on a new project that helps children with diabetes. The Starlight Foundation has a serious of computer learning modules. The Starlight Diabetes experience is a revolutionary game for kids with this disease. The kids go through a journey through their bodies. In this journey they can see what happens to their sugar level. They also learn how their diet affects their health. For more information please visit

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  1. He is the board member of The Painted Turtle Summer Camp. It’s a great camp for children that are seriously ill. Eric Pulier is a man with a mission to help the world. There has been a willing way for to get everything that they have ever wanted and that would take a turn of events for them.

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