Keeping the shop open as everyone shuts down

However, it soon became apparent that there were technical challenges that had not been thought of. For instance, when providing an online cleaning service, you have to think about the tricks you will use to win the trust of the customers and this does not come easy. As a matter of fact; before Handy was well established as a service lender, a business competitor of theirs closed shop. Uber on the other hand is barely staying afloat and has a huge debt they have to settle. This is the backdrop from which the success of is set.

Beating the odds has proved all the other companies wrong in the provision of online services by its exponential growth. They have managed to raise more than 50 million dollars, capital that they are using to support their business. The business, which was focused on cleaning and handymen provision, has now branched out to include assembling and delivering furniture. This is really remarkable considering that the company has only been operational for four years.

The strategies the apartment cleaning NYC company has put in place can be attributed for the resounding success. For instance, in 2014, when they realized that there was a company named Exe giving them a run for their money, they decided to buy it out, which increased their presence in the west Coast. Other business that they to offer the services this company has end up with huge losses. This is because people aren’t as trusting with their personal space and items as the companies estimate them to be.

For instance, Homejoy closed down because the customers complained a lot about the service. Most got the first cleaning from discount and never made a second call. Competitors such as Amazon set in and the heat was too much. Therefore, Handy’s achievement is no mean affair.

Losing Weight With Wengie

Wengie understands that it can sometimes be hard to lose weight. She has some lazy life hacks for losing weight that are easy to do on a daily basis. Some are unbelievable and involve doing nothing at all to burn calories. Drinking three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice will help to tame the sugar spikes that can retain fat in the body. If you fill a container of two liters of water and the juice of one lemon, a cucumber and about ten mint leaves, then you’ll get the right amount of lemon in two cups.


Drinking two cups of cold water on an empty stomach can boost the metabolism up to 30 percent. If you drink water before each meal, it fills the stomach so that you don’t eat as much, which can prevent those extra calories that you might consume without even realizing it by eating a second helping. Instead of using a normal plate to eat off of, eat from a smaller plate so that you aren’t eating as much. This will trick the brain into thinking that you’re eating more than you are, which will result in thinking that you’re full after eating less food. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. A lack of sleep can decrease the body’s metabolism, which can lead to weight gain or not losing weight.

Waiakea® Hawaiian Volcanic Water: Get The Best You Can Get

Every so often, a company comes on the scene that seems to be doing all things right. Such is the case with Waiakea Water. Not only is it managing to have record-breaking sales within a short time of being in existence, it’s also proving how healthy this unique product from Waiakea springs water supplies can be.

First of all, let’s establish just how important it is to drink water as per one’s health is concerned. Drinking plenty of filtered, H2O helps keep your skin rejuvenated and moisturized. It’ also good for keeping one’s bones and joints lubricated thus preventing diseases such as arthritis.

Not only does water have these major benefits, but it also helps people lose weight and build muscles more effectively. That being said, it also suppresses hunger, aids in expelling fluid retention and even helps your kidneys and liver in their respective functions.

What Makes Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water® Unique?

Just about everything. According to Organic Authority, to begin with, Waiakea water, a naturally filtered spring water, comes through the depths of porous volcanic rock. How much more natural can you get than that? Loaded with natural health benefits, it’s mineral and electrolyte rich. Some of those minerals include magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and silica.

The Company Is Exploding Like A Volcano

In the words of Ryan Emmons: “We’ve gone from selling a couple thousand cases of Waiakea a year to more than 120,000 cases. And, it feels even better knowing that as a result of this increase, 500 million liters of clean water have been donated to under-served communities in Africa.” Learn more about Waiakea water:

That translates into a phenomenal jump of more than 5000 percent. Since its inception in 2012, with expansion strategies into more than 2,000 stores in 30 states on the mainland, Waiakea is now poised for even further expansion.

Waiakea Water® A Company With A Heart

From day one in 2012, this company has set the standards for insisting on industry initiatives in social responsibility. In 2016 alone, Waiakea water successfully sponsored six new Elephant Pumps in rural Malawi.

Because of its admirable partnership with Pump Aid, residents in rural areas are now able to enjoy clean water, have more children attending school, eat more nutritious food and experience increases in its employment rolls.

Adam Milstein:Career, Family and Philanthropy

When many people are struggling to make it in the world of business and investing, there is always that dream of having enough, and then a little extra to give back to the community. Adam Milstein has been working at his many investments for several decades now, and in the process, he came up with his foundation, which provides services that strengthen the Jewish people, the state of Israel and also make business between the US and Israel better. Through this foundation, money has been raised and has been used to support the education of Jews and ensuring their continuity.

The three principles that govern Adam as he carries out his day to day include his belief in active philanthropy. The foundation, from the CEO to all the other workers have learned that through investment of their time to the many great projects the company takes part in, they are able to achieve resounding success.

The other principle that the company operates under is that of impacting the life path of all the people that they come across. Adam has made this possible through his efforts to look for funds, and helping organizations whose audiences are at different stages of life get to their goals and destinations. Through the assistance of the foundation, the communities are making a difference in their homes.

Adam is also a strong believer that there should be synergy in all his efforts at philanthropy. The foundation is structured in a way that helps the making of the best decisions and advises to help all the groups that they work with make a lasting impact on the community. Synergies and partnerships are formed with other non-profit organizations that share similar vision.

About Adam Milstein

He got his MBA from USC and started his real estate career in South California.

He is now a managing partner at Hagar Pacific property, which has owned and developed real estate throughout the country. He has a wife and three children living in Encino, California.