Securus Technologies Makes Our Family Ministry Better

Our family ministry is something that reaches out to the community. I know that is sounds like I am able to reach to everyone and work miracles, but the problem is in our community alone. We have a lot of boys and girls who are going to jail, and we want to make sure that we have spoken to them often to help them get through jail.  They need to know that we do not condone what they did, but we want them to learn how to live a new life.


Our family has dozens of people who are working together in an office where we are all on Securus. I was very concerned about privacy because we are asking a lot of these boys and girls to be vulnerable with us, and we wanted to be sure that we could get something that was secure. The security that we get from Securus is very strong, and I understand that they have put together a lot of different things in their network to make life easier. Some of these people have been disowned by family, and they want to keep all these things between us.


I am trying to expand by getting more people than just the family to work with us, and we might be able to do even more video calls with the people who are in jail near us. These are all kids who are part of the community, and we want to see if we can give them a reason to turn things around.