Securus Shames GTL in Bid to Restore Integrity in the Industry

If you have been using GTL services and was unamused by their high service costs and low value, you probably know why, thanks to the press release that was recently made by Securus, highlighting their integrity breach. Securus boss, Richard Smith made a statement that would see the public learn exactly why they were losing so much money, working with GTL. With the statement, Securus hopes that they can bend GTL to stop taking advantage of clients, and in so doing try to mend the industry’s reputation.

They have shown stewardship in this area by getting instilling and following policies that saw them receive an A+ from BBB accreditation. Having, invested heavily in maintaining a high level of integrity, one can only understand why the illegal techniques of GTL disgusted Securus.

Securus swore that this was only a tip on the iceberg. They threatened to expose much more if GTL did not take this release seriously and change. You see, the thing about integrity breach is that, it does not only affect the customers negatively. It also a negative connotation on the industry as a whole. Meaning, the whole industry suffers for the wrong of only a few players.

Securus Technologies Information

Securus technologies is among the leading technology companies in North America, providing technological solutions to 48 states, over 1200 inmates and in over 3400 correctional facilities. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. But, their services are not only limited to the area.

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Philip Diehl Laces The U.S. Money Reserve With Commitment To Customer Service

The US Money Reserve is a whole lot different from the old analogous agency that was known a few years back. It is now a truly entrepreneurial agency with a more efficient and elaborate customer service outlook. The transformed agency has committed to a whole six-year commitment to the newly found mission.

In a chat with Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio’s Eric Dyer, the current US Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl promised a more customer-centred agency going forward. The show offers a platform for top executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest strategies, products, creations, and experiences. Diehl particularly shared on his latest strategies to optimize on the capability of the US Money Reserve.

According to Diehl, there are major transformations lined up for the agency’s foreseeable future that Diehl vividly shared on the show. And from the look of things, the future is very bright for the agency. Under the leadership of Philip Diehl, US Money Reserve can now match the very best in American business regarding customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneurial principles and customer satisfaction commitment are the bedrocks of Diehl as he sets up the agency on the road to revival. This has seen the company rise to become one of the major players in shaping currency. U.S. Money Reserve is the largest distributor of government-issued precious metal bullion, coins, and bars.

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Gold & Silver | Precious Metals

In one of its innovative creations under the leadership of Diehl, this year the company started out on a self-directed precious metals IRA program. Under the program, customers can be able to hold physical gold as a means of storing wealth safely. Upon retirement, the customers can then retrieve the value of the gold while most importantly benefiting from the always rising gold prices.

The precious metals IRA program is a far much better alternative to depositing money in a bank which appreciates in a rather paltry interest rate. It is more of an investment opportunity extended to the consumers. Consumers have a wide range of U.S. government’s legal tenders ranging from gold, silver, and platinum. Depending on their capability and preference, the consumers can settle for any of the commodities, giving a chance for anyone to take part.

The U.S. Money Reserve is an agency founded by gold market veterans who saw the need to combine expert market knowledge, top-notch customer service and guidance you can trust when purchasing precious metals.

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Mary Pirrello to be TMBA Next President

Texas Mortgage Bankers Association announces that Mary Pirrello will be the next president during the 2016-2017 term. The goal of TMBA is to serve the interests of its members and to advance the field of mortgage banking and real estate finance in the state of Texas. Her current position was senior vice president of Warehouse Lending at Nexbank, focusing on business development and customer relationships for the national warehouse lending division. NexBank is a leading Dallas-based financial institution that is currently worth 3 billion.

 The TMBA has named her a future leader and received the James Wooten scholarship. Through the MBA, she has served on their political action committee, MORPAC. Her experience at NexBank and with other organizations will help her in her new role as President of TMBA.

NexBank is a financial services company that serves corporate banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking. They strive to serve their customers with custom solutions that have been proven successful. This dedication to quality and commitment shows why NexBank has been successful since 1922.