Mistakes People Make Concerning Shooting Photos

Technology has made shooting photos relatively easy compared to how it use to be a few decades ago. With devices such as smartphones, shooting photos requires little knowledge of shooting photos. Many people can just use a smartphone on Facebook and take good photos based on the settings of the camera on the smartphone. However, technology is not to the point where it can actually replace the people shooting the photos. As a result, there is still a level of experience and knowledge that is helpful regarding shooting photos.

While many people interested in shooting good photos concentrate on things that they can do to improve the photos on icrowdnewswire.com, one of the best things that people can do to improve their photos is to avoid many common mistakes that can affect how the photos look. These common mistakes can be avoided by simply learning tips and reading advice related to shooting good photos.

These tips and advice can be found in a variety of places. One of the most common places is on the internet. People provide a lot of useful information on the internet at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adri%C3%A1n-jos%C3%A9-velasquez-figueroa#/entity. There are many resources available online that provide very good information concerning common mistakes that people make while shooting photos.

One of the people who provides information online concerning common mistakes related to shooting photos is Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. A person who has a passion for taking great photos and helping people learn how to take great photos, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa shares information on the internet related to shooting photos.

Some of the common mistakes that Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa suggest that people avoid regarding shooting photos include:

1. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
2. The composition is not correct.
3. People take too many pictures.
4. The level of black and white is not correct.
5. Photographs are not consistent.
6. The shots are not sharp enough.
7. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
8. HDR is excessive.
9. The colors are too strong.
10. There is no topic.

A businessman who holds multiple executive positions in Panama, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a key figure in the business community in Panama. He has a very good reputation as an excellent executive who makes sound business decisions on withknown.com.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa provides a variety of services in the positions that he holds at various companies in Panama. He is looked to by the companies to give advice and share in the leadership role regarding the companies.

Choosing Reputation Management For Business Success

Are you a corporate executive or business owner? Do you want to know how to take control of your online reputation? If you are serious about presenting an impressive image about your company, then get a reliable online reputation management system.

These days, people utilize online resources and social media to check out companies, products and services before deciding where to shop or make a purchase. If a company has a tarnished reputation people will steer clear of that company and go somewhere else. That is why it extremely important to enlist the services of a reputable online reputation management firm.

Reliable Online Reputation Reviews involves developing and presenting yourself or your organization as a trusted, authoritative source for your sector or whatever it is you offer. It also requires keeping one of the most important, valuable search results page concerning your personal profile or your company on the top pages of online search engine results.

When your credibility gets ruined by an incorrect record or negative reviews about you or your firm, the team at a reliable reputation management firm could step in to reverse the damage.

Reputable online reputation management professionals have the skill and expertise to listen to their clients’ needs and provide appropriate solutions. Their projects are made to be effective and have the potential to secure as well as defend your reputation against any kind of vilifying or slanderous remarks and reviews.

A reputable team of professionals can handle your online reputation monitoring, reputation repair and reputation management. These professionals are skilled at monitoring, repairing, managing and tracking conversations regarding you or your firm. These specialists help companies find out precisely how they are being presented to the online world.

The reputation experts at a well-established company pride themselves in having the ability to encourage and also guide customers on pertinent issues, as well as help them attain remarkable success with their online reputation management. These professionals have great competence in SEO techniques as well as content advertising and marketing, which enable them push down or eliminate negative reviews and push up positive content in search result pages.

Thor Halvorssen Fighting for the People

There are some things in this world that can not go unchecked. Things like governments infringing on their citizens’ rights is one of those things. Government oppression like this has forced many to take to the streets and protest against the wrong things that are being done to them. Unfortunately, in some countries this has become a dangerous thing due to their government’s vicious retaliations or the people that they deal with. These kinds of things would then go unchecked due to the danger of fighting them if it were not for people like Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is someone that has committed his life to fighting the wrong that is happening all over the world.

Even his parents were activists that stood up to the wrong that was happening in the world. Both of them were even injured in the line of their duty, his mom being shot at an anti-Hugo Chávez demonstration and his father tortured by the Venezuelan government after exposing their corruption. This spirit that his parents had to stay determined to fight for what is right even against the possibility of injury or death is probably where Thor Halvorssen got his calling for dangerous activist work. Today he is the President of the Human Rights Foundation and has done great work for the organization. He is someone that likes to take his work into the field.

A great example of this is his trip to Vietnam where he was fighting the oprression that their government had been inflicting on its citizens about their religious choices. The patriarch of a Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam had been put under house arrest for 28 years and his church disbanded for what he was teaching. Thor Halvorssen wanted to get an interview with the patriarch and was able to sneak into where he was being held. After completing the interview they were discovered by police and cornered. Thor gave the tape to his cameraman who snuck out the back, while he distracted the police. Thor was then detained and beaten until he was able to convince police he was a Buddhist seeker. Commitment like this is what has made Thor Halvorssen such a great activist and how he has been able to make the world a better place through his actions.

@Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/

Geoffrey Cone Helps People Decide Where to Live

It is Geoffrey Cone’s job to help people make a decision on where they are going to live especially if they are considering a big global move. He is an attorney who works hard to make sure that his clients have what they need when they are making the decision to move to a different country.


Geoffrey Cone started out as a global attorney in New Zealand. He wanted to make sure that he was doing things the right way and decided that a move to a different country would be the best option for him. He makes a lot of money and was paying a lot in taxes by staying in New Zealand. The move that he made allowed him to not only hang onto more money but to also save more of it to be able to use to put back into his law firm and for other business purposes.


Moving was the best decision for Geoffrey Cone and he thinks that it is a great idea for other people who make the same amount of money, or more, than him. He thinks that saving money on taxes is the way to go and he works hard to make sure that other people know how to do it, too. He wants everyone to have the chance to be able to save money on the taxes that they were previously paying by moving to a country that does not have high taxes for the people to pay.


A tax haven is a perfect place for people who want to save money on taxes. These countries are ones that do not require people to pay a lot of money in taxes or do not require them to pay any money at all. This is something that people are able to use to their advantage. When someone who makes a lot of money moves to a tax haven, they will be able to get exactly what they need from the tax haven that they are currently in. This is something that is important for people who are in different countries and for people who want to save money.


There are so many benefits that Geoffrey Cone talks about living in a tax haven. He knows that it is a great way to save money and he has done it himself. He warns people, though, that they should make sure that they are truly moving to a tax haven before they make the decision to move. Some people think that New Zealand is one but it is not and they may be disappointed in that fact after they have moved there. Hiring a global attorney will eliminate that problem because they will give advice on tax havens.

Read more at http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10846049.


Looking Chic in Fabletics

There’s a new activewear brand in town and it’s called Fabletics. Their marketing is quite different with a catchy first time purchase for only $25.00. Which makes this brand worth trying. The celebrity behind this company is Kate Hudson, and although she could wear pretty much anything and look super hot in it, she’s really taken to the idea that women come in all shapes and sizes. The quality is pretty good for the price and the styles are definitely hip in today’s market.


If you sign up up for the promotion of getting your first outfit for $25.00, then each month they will send you a new monthly outfit for $49.95. You can even choose from the selections they are offering monthly or you can just let them send you their fave’s for the month. Either way, you get to score a new activewear workout outfit to wear on your next run, walk or even while taking a yoga class. But okay, what if you don’t want a new outfit every single month? No problem, you can opt out each month within the first five days and not get billed, nor receive any new outfits for that month. There are no rules to how many months you can skip and you always have a choice to cancel your membership at any time.


There is a really good review of Fabletics on The Krazy Coupon Lady and they also agree that the value is definitely there for these really cool outfits from Fabletics. They list the pros and cons of this brand, but the pros definitely out weigh the cons. The best way to know for sure if these digs are for you, is to join the VIP club at Fabletics.com and take advantage of the first time offer of getting any outfit your heart desires for just $25.00. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to continue receiving these cool outfits each month delivered right to your doorstep, which is also a bonus – no need to go out shopping!


With reviews like “I have never been disappointed with my purchase at Fabletics and this was no exception. My order got to my house in a reasonable amount of time and the quality is amazing.” from the Trust Pilot website, confirms it’s worth trying out. Again, it’s hard to beat a deal like this with so many choices to chose from. Shopping from home never looked so good.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves 👊🏼

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Eric Pulier World Changing Ventures

Eric Pulier has various career roles. He is a philanthropist, technologist, a published author, columnist, public speaker and an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier has reestablished about fifteen companies. Some of the companies he founded US Interactive, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Akana, Service Mesh, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership and Desktone. Besides being a founder, Eric has also made investments in a variety of businesses and charities.

Eric is from Teaneck, New Jersey. Early on in his life, Eric showed signs of being business minded. In high school, he had a database computer company. After moving to Los Angeles in 1991 he created a company called People Doing Things. The company’s main focus was on education, healthcare, etc. They addressed these issues by using technological help. Eric is the proud father of four beautiful children and is very present in their lives. He is the board member of The Painted Turtle Summer Camp. It’s a great camp for children that are seriously ill.

As a philanthropist, Eric Pulier has used technology to help children who are physically impaired and for poor communities. He helped people with Multiple Sclerosis by creating a multimedia educational program that educates them on the disease they have. The ACE Foundation is committed to using and modifying software to help with the challenges humanity faces. Eric Plier is the foundation’s founding donor. He is also a financial donor to the “Campaign for Free Tuition” program. The Xprize Foundation is also a charitable organization that Eric has made financial donations to. The goal of Xprize is to have public competitions that helps bring and inspire technological development that will help all people.

Eric took on a new project that helps children with diabetes. The Starlight Foundation has a serious of computer learning modules. The Starlight Diabetes experience is a revolutionary game for kids with this disease. The kids go through a journey through their bodies. In this journey they can see what happens to their sugar level. They also learn how their diet affects their health. Eric Pulier is a man with a mission to help the world.

For more information please visit http://www.thecrimson.com/writer/710/Eric__Pulier/

Adrian José Velasquez: How to Capture Unique Photos with Your Smartphone

The innovation of smartphones revolutionized modern photography. Smartphones come with high-resolution cameras that can take good photos. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is enthusiastic about modern technology. According to him, the following tips can transform your smartphone into a brilliant photography tool.

1. Camera Settings
Smartphones have inbuilt applications that rely on human commands to function properly. In both Android and iPhone phones, camera apps have settings that you should adjust to take good photos.

2. Composition
Just like any other form of art, one of the principles of photography is composition. When taking photos, ensure that the whole object is captured.

3. Position the Camera Close to the Object
Smartphones cameras work better when placed close to an object. When positioned far from the object, the photo will require zooming, and this will affect its quality.

4. Disable the Flash
One of the most amazing features of a smartphone camera is the flash. However, the flash can also lead to the formation of shadows when enabled in areas with natural light.

5. Camera Application
Default smartphone camera apps have limitations thus the need to download apps like Camera 360, ProCamera, and Zoom FX to enhance your smartphone camera’s zooming and composure functionalities.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Los 10 Mejores Lugares para Visitar en Panamá (de iCrowdNewswire)

6. Learn how to Use Your Smartphone Camera’s Features
After installing new camera apps on your smartphone, the primary task ahead of you is learning how they work. You can read tutorials online on how to use your newly installed camera apps.

7. The HDR Feature
The High Dynamic Range feature determines the general exposure of your smartphone camera. Ensure that it is always in automatic mode when taking photos.

8. Filters
After taking several photos, you will want to enhance their appearance using filters. However, use them moderately to avoid ruining the quality of your photos.

9. Editing
Photographers like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa agree that the most difficult part of photography is editing. Luckily, numerous photo-editing applications such as Snapseed and VSCO that you can use to edit your photos are available.

10. Clean the Camera’s Lens
Smartphones cameras are prone to dirt and scratches. You should always keep your smartphone on a clean surface and wipe the lens before taking photos because dirty lens produces blurry pictures.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

As a Venezuelan entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Adrián spent most of his career developing business solutions. He also enjoys writing about how people can use modern techniques to carry out activities such as photography. Besides being an executive officer in five Panama-based companies, Adrián Jose Velasquez Figueroa also mentors Venezuelan youth who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.

Read more tips from Figueroa on PR Newschannel

Keeping the shop open as everyone shuts down

The provision of online services seemed like the next frontier in the service industry. Many startups in the sector, such as Uber and the others were hailed for their inventiveness. However, it soon became apparent that there were technical challenges that had not been thought of. For instance, when providing an online cleaning service, you have to think about the tricks you will use to win the trust of the customers and this does not come easy. As a matter of fact; before Handy was well established as a service lender, a business competitor of theirs closed shop. Uber on the other hand is barely staying afloat and has a huge debt they have to settle. This is the backdrop from which the success of Handy.com is set.

Beating the odds

Handy.com has proved all the other companies wrong in the provision of online services by its exponential growth. They have managed to raise more than 50 million dollars, capital that they are using to support their business. The business, which was focused on cleaning and handymen provision, has now branched out to include assembling and delivering furniture. This is really remarkable considering that the company has only been operational for four years.

The strategies the apartment cleaning NYC company has put in place can be attributed for the resounding success. For instance, in 2014, when they realized that there was a company named Exe giving them a run for their money, they decided to buy it out, which increased their presence in the west Coast. Other business that they to offer the services this company has end up with huge losses. This is because people aren’t as trusting with their personal space and items as the companies estimate them to be.

For instance, Homejoy closed down because the customers complained a lot about the service. Most got the first cleaning from discount and never made a second call. Competitors such as Amazon set in and the heat was too much. Therefore, Handy’s achievement is no mean affair.

Losing Weight With Wengie

Wengie understands that it can sometimes be hard to lose weight. She has some lazy life hacks for losing weight that are easy to do on a daily basis. Some are unbelievable and involve doing nothing at all to burn calories. Drinking three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice will help to tame the sugar spikes that can retain fat in the body. If you fill a container of two liters of water and the juice of one lemon, a cucumber and about ten mint leaves, then you’ll get the right amount of lemon in two cups. This water will detox the body, help with weight loss and clear your skin as well.


Drinking two cups of cold water on an empty stomach can boost the metabolism up to 30 percent. If you drink water before each meal, it fills the stomach so that you don’t eat as much, which can prevent those extra calories that you might consume without even realizing it by eating a second helping. Instead of using a normal plate to eat off of, eat from a smaller plate so that you aren’t eating as much. This will trick the brain into thinking that you’re eating more than you are, which will result in thinking that you’re full after eating less food. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. A lack of sleep can decrease the body’s metabolism, which can lead to weight gain or not losing weight. You want to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night to keep the metabolism as it should be or to increase it during the day.

Waiakea® Hawaiian Volcanic Water: Get The Best You Can Get

Every so often, a company comes on the scene that seems to be doing all things right. Such is the case with Waiakea Water. Not only is it managing to have record-breaking sales within a short time of being in existence, it’s also proving how healthy this unique product from Waiakea springs water supplies can be.

First of all, let’s establish just how important it is to drink water as per one’s health is concerned. Drinking plenty of filtered, H2O helps keep your skin rejuvenated and moisturized. It’ also good for keeping one’s bones and joints lubricated thus preventing diseases such as arthritis.

Not only does water have these major benefits, but it also helps people lose weight and build muscles more effectively. That being said, it also suppresses hunger, aids in expelling fluid retention and even helps your kidneys and liver in their respective functions.

What Makes Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water® Unique?

Just about everything. According to Organic Authority, to begin with, Waiakea water, a naturally filtered spring water, comes through the depths of porous volcanic rock. How much more natural can you get than that? Loaded with natural health benefits, it’s mineral and electrolyte rich. Some of those minerals include magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and silica.

The Company Is Exploding Like A Volcano

In the words of Ryan Emmons: “We’ve gone from selling a couple thousand cases of Waiakea a year to more than 120,000 cases. And, it feels even better knowing that as a result of this increase, 500 million liters of clean water have been donated to under-served communities in Africa.” Learn more about Waiakea water: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/10/27/780527/10154219/en/Waiakea-Hawaiian-Volcanic-Water-Sees-a-5-000-Percent-Growth-in-Just-Three-Years.html

That translates into a phenomenal jump of more than 5000 percent. Since its inception in 2012, with expansion strategies into more than 2,000 stores in 30 states on the mainland, Waiakea is now poised for even further expansion. In addition to all of this, a new launch is getting ready to take place with larger facilities in Hawaii to help meet its explosive global demands.

Waiakea Water® A Company With A Heart

From day one in 2012, this company has set the standards for insisting on industry initiatives in social responsibility. In 2016 alone, Waiakea water successfully sponsored six new Elephant Pumps in rural Malawi.

Because of its admirable partnership with Pump Aid, residents in rural areas are now able to enjoy clean water, have more children attending school, eat more nutritious food and experience increases in its employment rolls. In addition, more than 500 million liters of water has been donated and distributed so far.